My Weird Skincare Funnel That Consistently Generates Over 5x My Ad Spend (Has Made $50k in Sales with $8k in Ads)

And How You Can Ethically Copy It to Make 6 Figures or More in 2021 & Beyond!

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  • Are you a goal-driven business owner in the Health and Beauty Care industry with great products but can’t seem to make enough sales to keep your business afloat…not to talk of growing it?
  • Do you have no idea where your next sale is coming from?
  • Have you tried to market your products but only ended up not getting any reasonable returns but losing money instead?

If you answered YES to these questions then I’ve got something for you.

My name is Oludami Yomi-Alliyu, a digital marketing professional and online sales coach.

After several years of offering my digital services, I decided to go into ecommerce so that I could make daily money.

I chose skincare as my niche, especially since a friend of mine was happy to pass on to me a product he made a lot of money from.

However, despite my marketing experience, I just couldn’t get the business to work. Specifically, I was unable to generate sales.

Fast-forward to now, this same business has generated sales worth about $50,000 after spending just $8,050 in ads. In the process, I’d built an email list of over 35,000 women and a social media following of 14k+.

Yes, these are all very small figures, but the fact that I was able to do all this with a low ad budget ($8,050) is what makes it a big deal. That's about 6x my ad spend. Having a funnel like this makes it easy for you to scale to 6 or 7 figures...or even more...depending on your capacity.

If you’re struggling to profitably generate sales for your business, then this is for you.

On 10th June, I’ll be doing a LIVE breakdown of my sales funnel that has helped our skincare brand, BeauCrest, to generate about $50k in sales with $8,050 in ads.

You'll see the entire funnel structure, from blog post to ad to opt-in page to sales page, upsell page and even my email sequences.

This will give you an idea exactly how to set up your own funnel, so that you can successfully generate tons of sales online for your health/beauty products, without losing money.

I won't stop there; I'll also let you know the exact steps I'm taking to scale this funnel into 6 figures, then 7 figures and beyond.

And then if you have any questions bothering you about marketing your health/beauty business, you'll have the opportunity to ask and get answers live.

I know you take a lot of pride in your product; how great it is and how it transforms lives (you shouldn’t be in business if your product doesn’t). But by now, you already know that the person with the best product doesn’t win in the game of business. The person with the best marketing does.

Instead of fuzzing over how unfair the situation is, simply up your marketing game and be that guy/gal winning both with great products and great marketing.

You can’t keep doing business the usual old way every other person is doing it, if you want great results in your business.

You can’t keep depending on your website or Shopify store for success in your business. If you don’t want to be swallowed by the sharks in the health/beauty industry but want to succeed enough to be able to serve those who you’re called to serve, then you need a funnel that converts well.

I’ve cracked the code and found a way to not just stand out in my niche, but also attract my own people ― who are more than happy to continue to pay me for as long as I continue to provide solutions to their problems.

And I’d like to show you how I do that in this LIVE Workshop.

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I did this workshop for the first time on December 29, 2020…and even though it’s worth $997 (or how many people do you think can show you the funnel they use to run their business?), attendees were more than happy to pay $47 to get access.

I’ve however decided to make it a FREE event this time around. Yes, for free, I’ll be showing you what works for my business, and how to model it so that you can give a boost to your profits.

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