The Secret Content Selling Strategy I Used to Take My Business From Losing Money to Generating Sales of Over 5x My Investment in Ads

...And How You Can Use It to Profitably Generate Leads, Sales, Social Following and Ultimately Achieve That Freedom You Desire!

Hi, my name is Oludami Yomi-Alliyu and I am a copywriter and digital marketing professional, trained and certified by the American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) and respectively.

After years of offering digital marketing services, I decided to open a skincare eCommerce brand by the side, to enjoy some daily income.

Despite my years of experience, both as a copywriter and a digital marketing professional, I couldn’t get my own sales funnel to convert (generate sales). I was getting zero sales, in fact, people weren’t even opting into my email list as I expected – to get my free stuff!

It was disappointing and almost depressing.

So what did I do?

After 2 months of struggling with the business – launching and relaunching new funnels, I put it on hold and went back to the drawing board.

I was determined to solve the online sales mystery once and for all.

I searched online, read books, took premium courses, spoke with mentors, etc. until I stumbled on a "mini-class" by Ryan Deiss.

And that was when I realized that my product, funnel, offer, audience, etc. were not the problem.

What I had was a messaging problem.

I was trying so much to sell hard that there was a disconnected between my message and my audience.

After discovering this, I simply went back to my audience, researched them more deeply than the 'normal' way we learned to do, and humbly learned from them exactly what they want.


Armed with this knowledge, I started seeing sales as a conversation, using persuasive messaging and irresistible offers to move prospects through each stage of my funnel. 

This helped me to create a very strong content-based funnel that connects deeply with my audience, provides value and also make sales.

I shifted from using pushy sales tactics to using valuable content to gently guide my prospect through my sales funnel and convert them from strangers to repeat buyers,

First I changed the ad copy: spoke to their problems and desires (attractive messaging) and then gave them a powerful reason to click (an irresistible offer).

Next I sent them to a blog post - and focused on exactly what the prospect wants. Ended the blog post with a powerful offer – a reason for them to click through to the next page and get my lead magnet.

In fact, I had to change my lead magnet completely to fit into the sales conversation I was having with my prospect.

Then my sales page and upsell page got complete overhauls. Made them more persuasive with the right messaging and offer.

Finally, I edited my email follow-up series to now reflect how much I knew the prospect and how my offer is the one thing they need badly – the bridge between where they were and where they wanted to be.

Other than these changes to my messaging and copy, I did nothing to the website, product, funnel and audience!

Guess what happened once I relaunched?

The first few hours alone, I got more orders than I’d ever gotten in any prior full day. And by the end of the first week, I’d gotten more orders than all the previous months combined.

I kept building it slowly and on low budget. 

By November 2018 I’d spent only $4,050 on advertising online, but I’d generated over $24,000.

And by the time I’d spent $8k on ads, I’d generated almost $50k in sales. Talk about consistency.

Not just that, in that same period and through the same funnel, we built an email list of over 37k women and combined social following of 13k.

The surprising thing is that I got ALL these results with the exact same funnel and assets that gave me my successful launch – same ad copy, same ad image, same blog post, same lead magnet, same sales letter and upsell page.

(One other thing I added was the organic part of our marketing: we'd publish top-quality, useful content once weekly and distribute it via email as our weekly newsletter and on social media. After delivering valuable content, the post would subtly push for the sale.)

Unfortunately, 2019 ending, we went out of business because we got fed up of the bad reviews we were getting from customers on the products we were getting from suppliers. So we decided to stop everything till we got products we were proud of.

That cost us two years.


January 1 2022, we got back in business. We launched three new skincare products for our brand, and towards the end of the month, we resumed advertising.

Yes, I created new strategies...but the plan was to put all of them on hold and simply first launch with the content-selling system that was working for us before we went out of business.

But I was apprehensive as I wasn’t sure how the changes digital advertising had gone through over the years would affect this brand when we started advertising again (especially the infamous iOS 14.5 update and the many changes platforms had to make in response – it basically ruined Facebook advertising).

At first I did several tests to figure out the best product bundle and pricing, but as soon as everything stabilized, I launched the new funnel via Facebook and Instagram ads.


I was pleasantly surprised to see this exact same funnel I originally built in 2018 January not just still work in 2022, but also do even better than it did in the past.

At a time when changes in Facebook advertising was sending people out of business, I’m experiencing one of our lowest CPAs ever! (CPA means cost per acquisition/ad costs/what it cost me to get each customer).

As you can see above, our costs are lower even now that things are crazier in the digital space.

Same old ad copy, same image-turned-video, same blog, same lead magnet and opt-in page, same sales copy – only the products are different.

The other things different for now are the upsell page and email series, because of the change in product and new copy formats I tested that won at those stages.

It's amazing how you leave something and then you come back to it after years and simply turn it on...and then it starts bringing in sales again.

This is how powerful your sales process/system/funnel can be when you have "content that sells" at the heart of it, forming a “golden thread” that leads them from one stage of your funnel to the next, till they get to the very top of not just your funnel, but your entire value ladder, where you serve them at the highest level.

You practically become insulated against the unending changes in platforms and tech.

Not just my skincare biz...

Since I first used the new content selling system to get results for our skincare brand in 2018, I’ve used it to turn around, positively, the fate of several other businesses.

Digital Products

I first tested it on an eBook I wrote back in 2016 but couldn’t sell successfully using Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula.

In creating a new funnel for this eBook, I followed the same 7-step Content Selling framework that helped fix my skincare business.

I launched an incomplete funnel (had no upsell), and one of my ad sets sold 10 copies with just $34.

That was more than 3x’ing my investment in ads.

Car dealership...

My past coaching client, Carlton from Sacramento, decided to look to the internet after the lockdowns when the pandemic affected his car sales.

Without even using the full funnel we built together, he excitedly launched an ad campaign for his car dealership on Facebook the exact way I taught him, immediately after our session on Traffic.

Yet he got 25 leads, 5 of whom showed up, and then sold 3 cars, all with less than $155 in ad spend.

He made more sales in one weekend than he did in some months (especially in the heat of the pandemic) and he hasn’t looked back since then.

This was only possible because of his deep knowledge of his audience – who they are, what they wanted (offer) and what to say to them (messaging).

Makeup artistry...

I was also able to get hundreds of leads per week for BeauCrest Makeup Studio. In fact, they got 37 leads the first day their ad went live. With just $10!

The very few who converted were more than enough to be profitable from the campaign.

Private school...

Charismartin Schools in Nigeria were able to generate about a hundred leads.

Despite their unique circumstances and all odds being against them (location, amenities, time constraint, etc.) five new students directly linked to those leads resumed the new academic session with them.

With the awareness the ads created however, their entry class registration more than doubled compared to the previous year – all from just one ad that ran for less than a month and with less than $80!


Got 5.5x ROAS (return on ad spend) on the sale of hair products for a hair company in the US.


Averaged $3 per lead for a restaurant in Lansing, MI when they newly launched. Goal of the campaign was to give a $20 voucher to 20 people in the locality. The page converted at 15% opt-in rate.

Household cleaner

A retargeting campaign for a plant-based household cleaner was giving us about 2.5 times return on our ad spend.

There were days we got crazy results like over 16x ROAS!

I could go on and on and keep showing you examples from fashion (wristwatch sales), photography, dental services, and even my own coaching services where I did over $15k organically in my first three months of launching, using content-selling strategies.

The point is, I've tested this system in different niches and industries, across different continents, through paid ads and organic marketing, before and after the infamous iOS update, and they all lead to the same result: Profitable sales!

Your turn...

And now, I’d like to help you to use this same Content Selling System to get your business more sales and profits, so that you can grow your business more easily and get the freedom you deserve as an entrepreneur.

If you'd rather use a gentler and more human approach to generate profitable sales and build a brand you'll love in the future, filled with people you love to serve and who in turn love you too, instead of the pushy, sleazy, hard-sell approach common everywhere...

If you'd like to stand out of the competition and grow your brand with great speed - huge following, leads and customers - and leave those who are now ahead of you shocked at how fast you overtook them...

If lowering your marketing costs while increasing your profits at the same time sounds good to you...

...then today is your lucky day!

Because I have something special for you.

I've decided to help a few business owners and entrepreneurs install this system into their business, so that they can also experience the brand-building power of the Content Selling System.


I'll be honest with you; I had no expertise in skincare or any passion for the industry when I first started out. I simply saw an opportunity to make money importing Chinese soaps and reselling them locally at good profit.

Deploying the Content Selling System blew it all up and when we couldn't get the soaps from China any longer, I had a serious problem on my hands.

We already had almost 19k women take our lead magnet and over 11k women following us on Facebook, plus almost a thousand loyal customers.

The brand had grown to a level that I couldn't abandon it. I'd disappoint a lot of people who'd come to love us -- and who I'd grown to love so much!

And that was the beginning of me jumping from one supplier to another looking for the perfect products...while also looking for a partner - a real skincare expert - that could handle the growth of the brand.

This caused me so much stress and headache as I had to deal with a lot of funny personalities.

I then promised myself that I would never again build another brand that way unless it's one that is truly my calling, I'm an expert in and would be happy to be the public face...or I have a partner I can trust.

So that's a quick warning for you: if you know that you're not passionate about your brand and are only there to make a quick buck, then don't deploy the Content Selling System.

But if you're willing to building a big and lasting brand over the next few years, and are capable of handling the success that comes with it, then I'll be happy to get on a call with you for FREE to show you exactly how you can use the Content Selling System to grow your brand profitably.

Simply click the button below to get on my calendar and book your slot immediately.

We are getting 3.2x ROAS on average per day for Yvonne's business, Emmanuela Cosmetics:

Why should you trust me with your sales system? Here are 7 reasons:

1. Even though I now specialize in content specifically crafted for sales, I’ve been writing content professionally since 2008, and trust me, I’ve written it all! (And yes, my experience makes me familiar with what makes people click.)

2. I’ve been featured in global publications like, ThriveGlobal, UnderstandingEcommerce, MSN, EcommerceNation, etc. (Simply do a little bit of Google search to verify – e.g., “oludami”)

3. Personally and sometimes through agencies, over the years, I’ve been lucky to write for global brands like BlueHost, Shopify, SweetProcess, Oberlo, NairaBET, etc.

4. Trained and verified by AWAI as a professional copywriter

5. Certified by DigitalMarketer as a digital marketing professional (CDMP)

6. Further trained and certified by digital marketer specifically as a funnel copywriter with the ability to use persuasive sales copy to lead prospects seamlessly through the customer journey.

7. I however perfected all these knowledge and skills by putting my own hard-earned money on the line building several businesses and testing (and proving or disproving) all the concepts and strategies I’ve learned. Now I’m left with just the cream of the crop in a noisy industry, and that is what I want to give you!

Click the button below to get on a call with me and let’s talk about exactly how I can help you build a brand you'll be hella proud of!

Can't wait to meet you 🙂

Oludami Yomi-Alliyu
Business Growth Strategist & Content Selling Specialist

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