The Secret Copywriting Strategy I Used to Take My Business From Losing Money to Generating Sales of Over 5x My Investment in Ads

...And How You Can Use It to Boost Sales and Profits for Your Business in Just Three (3) Days!

Hi, my name is Oludami Yomi-Alliyu and I am a copywriter and digital marketing professional, trained and certified by the American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) and

After years of offering digital marketing services, I decided to open a skincare eCommerce brand by the side, to enjoy daily income.

Despite my years of experience, both as a copywriter and a digital marketing professional, I couldn’t get my own sales funnel to convert (generate sales). I was getting zero sales, in fact, people weren’t even opting into my email list as I expected – to get my free stuff!

It was disappointing and almost depressing.

So what did I do?

After 2 months of struggling with the business – launching and relaunching new funnels, I put it on hold and went back to the drawing board.

I was determined to solve the online sales mystery once and for all.

I searched online, read books, took premium courses, spoke with mentors, etc. until I stumbled on a "mini-class" by Ryan Deiss.

And that was when I realized that my product, funnel, offer, audience, etc. were not the problem.

What I had was a messaging problem.

I simply went back to my audience, researched them more deeply than the 'normal' way we learned to do, and humbly learned from them exactly what they want.


Armed with this knowledge, I started thinking of each stage of my funnel in terms of 'offers' (and not just at the backend of my funnel). This made me see how bad my copy and content were throughout the funnel.

Then from one stage of my funnel to the next, I started editing or completely changing my copy.

Changed the ad copy: spoke to their problems and desires and then gave them a powerful reason to click (an irresistible offer).

Changed my presell content completely – a blog post - and focused on exactly what the prospect wants. Ended the blog post with a powerful offer – a reason for them to click through the next page and get my lead magnet.

In fact, I had to change my lead magnet completely. I’m now embarrassed about my initial lead magnet and its so funny to me now that I think about it – but I thought it was the perfect offer then.

Then my sales page and upsell page got complete overhauls. Made them more persuasive with the right messaging and offer. (Luckily, I also found a proven sales letter I was able to swipe and adapt to my market.)

Finally, I edited my email series to now reflect how much I knew the prospect and how my offer is the one thing they need badly – the bridge between where they were and where they wanted to be.

Other than these changes to my messaging and copy, I did nothing to the website, product, funnel and audience!

Guess what happened once I relaunched?

The first few hours alone, I got more orders than I’d ever gotten in any full day. And by the end of the first week, I’d gotten more orders than all the previous months combined.

I kept building it slowly and on low budget. By November 2018 I’d spent only $4,050 on advertising online, but I’d generated over $24,000.

And by the time I’d spent $8k on ads, I’d generated almost $50k in sales. Talk about consistency.

Not just that, in that same period and through the same funnel, we built an email list of over 37k women and combined social following of 13k.

The surprising thing is that I got ALL these results with the exact same funnel and assets that gave me my successful launch – same ad copy, same ad image, same blog post, same lead magnet, same sales letter and upsell page.

Unfortunately, 2019 ending, we went out of business because we got fed up of the bad reviews we were getting from customers on the products we were getting from suppliers. So we decided to stop everything till we got products we were proud of.


January 1 2022, we got back in business. We launched three new skincare products for our brand, and towards the end of the month, we resumed advertising.

Yes, I created new strategies...but the plan was to put all of them on hold and simply first launch with what was working for us before we went out of business.

But I was apprehensive as I wasn’t sure how the changes digital advertising had gone through over the years would affect this brand when we started advertising again (especially the infamous iOS 14.5 update and the many changes platforms had to make in response – it basically ruined Facebook advertising).

At first I did several tests to figure out the best product bundle and pricing, but as soon as everything stabilized, I launched the new funnel via Facebook and Instagram ads.


I was pleasantly surprised to see this exact same funnel I originally built in 2018 January not just still work in 2022, but also do even better than it did in the past.

I’m experiencing one of our lowest CPAs ever! (CPA means cost per acquisition/ad costs/what it cost me to get each customer).

As you can see above, our costs are lower even now that things are crazier in the digital space.

Same old ad copy, same image-turned-into-video, same blog, same lead magnet and opt-in page, same sales copy structure – only the products are different.

The other things different for now are the upsell page and email series, because of the change in product and new copy formats I tested that won at those stages.

It's amazing how you leave something and then you come back to it after years and simply turn it on...and then it starts bringing in sales again.

This is how powerful your sales funnel/process/system can be when the sales copy at every stage or page sync together in line with what your audience really wants, and form a “golden thread” that leads them from one step to the next, till they get to the very top of not just your funnel, but your entire value ladder, where you serve them at the highest level.

You practically become insulated against the unending changes in platforms and tech.

Not just my skincare biz...

Since I used the new system to get results for our skincare brand in 2018, I’ve used it to turn around, positively, the fate of several businesses.

I first tested it on an eBook I wrote back in 2016 but couldn’t sell successfully using Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula.

I followed the same 7-step proprietary framework that helped fix my skincare funnel, five of which directly concerns or affects sales copy.

I launched an incomplete funnel (had no upsell), and one of my ad sets sold 10 copies with just $34.

That was more than 3x’ing my investment in ads.

I’ve used same system to help my clients and students sell cars, school enrolment, makeup services, skincare, coaching, courses, hair products, digital agency services, etc.

Your turn...

And now, I’d like to help you to use this same funnel golden-thread copy system to get your business more sales and profits, so that you can grow your business more easily and get the freedom you deserve as an entrepreneur.

A sales funnel is merely an empty structure that does nothing for your business without great offers and equally great copy to present them.

Luckily for you, if you hire me to help you create or recreate your sales copy, in the process of extracting everything I’ll need to deliver bankable copy, I’ll walk you through the 7 pillars of profit maximization, so we are sure there are no holes that’ll water down the effectiveness of your sales copy.

If you work with me (after we agree that we are a good fit), I’ll help you create sales copy for every stage of your funnel, be it 3 stages or 7 (that’s the maximum my special package covers).

Depending on your type of funnel, I’ll create your:

  • Advert copy ($500 Value)
  • Presell copy – for blog, video, etc. ($997 Value)
  • Opt-in page copy ($300 Value)
  • Sales page copy/VSL script ($2,500 Value)
  • Upsell page copy ($1,450 Value
  • Downsell or Second Upsell page copy ($1,450 Value)
  • Thank you page copy ($197 Value)
  • Email series – 3 to 7 emails ($750 Value)


Of course, if you know anything about copywriting, you’ll know these are conservative estimates. The value of full-funnel copy is far more than this, especially if you work with a copywriter who knows what they’re doing.

More so, you'll get other bonuses like:

  1. FREE funnel consultancy, where I tell you what you should do to make your sales funnel or sales process convert better and successfully generate more sales – or what's the use of good copy when other areas are poor?
  2. The Septuplar Sales System – I'll reveal to you my proven proprietary framework for generating sales online and growing your business profitably. Installing this system into your business takes it to the next level!

These would easily 4x the value of this special package.

However, I’ve decided to do a quick special offer where I help just a few entrepreneurs create the golden-thread copy that pulls their readers or listeners through their funnel and converts them from strangers to buyers. And instead of $8,814 for a full-funnel copy bundle, their investment will be $1,997 only.

I’m busy with other things and I’m not a full-time copywriter. So I’m opening just 2 more slots for this month of April.

And even though it’s first-come, first-served, this offer is not for everybody so you won’t find a payment button here.

You’d have to get on a call with me, where we discuss your business, and once I believe I really can help you and that we are a good fit, you’ll be able to grab this opportunity to improve your sales!

Simply click on the button below to answer a few questions and get on my calendar.

Why should you trust me with your sales copy (and content)? Here are 7 reasons:

1. Even though I now specialize in full-funnel copy, I’ve been writing copy professionally since 2013, and trust me, I’ve written it all! (And yes, my experience makes me familiar with what makes people click.)

2. I’ve been featured in global publications like, ThriveGlobal, UnderstandingEcommerce, MSN, EcommerceNation, etc. (Putting links here would be breaking an unforgivable copywriting rule, so to verify, simply do a little bit of research – e.g., “oludami”)

3. Personally and sometimes through agencies, over the years, I’ve been lucky to write for global brands like BlueHost, Shopify, SweetProcess, Oberlo, NairaBET, etc.

4. Trained and verified by AWAI as a professional copywriter

5. Certified by DigitalMarketer as a digital marketing professional (CDMP)

6. Further trained and certified by digital marketer specifically as a funnel copywriter with the ability to use persuasive sales copy to lead prospects seamlessly through the customer journey.

7. I however perfected all these knowledge and skills by putting my own hard-earned money on the line building several businesses and testing (and proving or disproving) all the concepts and strategies I’ve learned. Now I’m left with just the cream of the crop in a noisy industry, and that is what I want to give you!

Click the button below to get on a call with me and let’s talk about exactly how I can help you – and to see if we are a good fit.

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