My Weird Sales Funnel That Consistently Gives Me Over 5x The Money I Spend on Ads – Has Made Over N17m in Sales with Less than N3m in Ads

...And How You Can Copy It to Make 7 Figures Weekly in Sales for Your Business This 2022!

Dear fellow entrepreneur, 

  • Are you struggling with selling your product or service profitably online?
  • Are you looking to boost your sales and profits in 2022?
  • Are you having problems using Facebook & Instagram to grow your business?
  • Are you looking to scale your business to millions in monthly profits this 2022?

Then let’s work together on a plan to help you achieve just that!


My name is Oludami Yomi-Alliyu. After years of practicing, first as a copywriter (trained and verified by The American Writers & Artists Inc.), and then as a digital marketing professional (trained and certified by DigitalMarketer LLC., Texas), I decided to launch a side business.

Did my research and chose ecommerce for its daily earning potential. After further research on niches, I chose skincare.

Luckily, a friend introduced a beauty soap to me – he had successfully sold it in the past, among several other products, and wanted to focus on just one product.

I bought his existing stock, made plans to import fresh stock from China, with the hope that I’d clear my initial stock in less than 2 weeks.

I created everything I would need to sell the soaps: created a website and a logo for the brand, opened social media accounts and pages, built a sales funnel, and all the other usual stuff – then I launched the with Facebook ads in November 2017.

I sat back and waited for fireworks to start happening…

Unfortunately, I didn’t see even the tiniest spark – nobody was buying our stuff. In fact, the number of people opting into our email list was not even encouraging, let alone people who purchased.

After a few days, me and my partner did some tweaks to the funnel and ads, then relaunched.

It failed again.

Then on and on it went, from one funnel (sales process or system) to another; from one relaunch to another…nothing worked…for almost 2 months!

I’d done everything I knew to do…and nothing worked.

I got fed up. I was going to quit.

Unfortunately, I’d already invested my money into hundreds of soaps that kept staring annoyingly back at me in my workspace.

I had no choice but to make it work – even if it was to sell off the batch I had.

So I put the business on hold at the end of the year and went in search of a permanent solution – I was determined to find out exactly how to sell online. I wasn’t interested in more fancy marketing tactics or trendy platforms, just pure sales – whatever it would take.


I took new premium courses, spoke to mentors, did a lot of research and studied small businesses that were doing very well in terms of sales – hitting the $1million mark annually, especially the ones selling low-ticket products like mine.

After a few weeks, I came up with a new system and then applied it to my business.

Created a new campaign all over, changing several pages and other assets (like our lead magnet).

21st January 2018, I launched this new campaign…I was determined that this was my last attempt and I’d simply quit if it didn’t work.

But what happened next was interesting…


By midday, I already had more orders than I’d had in any day before then. 

By 27th January, we already crossed the N1m-in-orders line. Got 81 orders at N13,000 per order…with a budget of $120 -we’d sold in one week far, far more soaps than I’d sold in the previous 2+ months combined!

By mid-February we ran out of stock and had to finally do the importation I’d delayed for months.

By early November 2018, I’d spent just a little over N1.6m ($4,500) on advertising the product via Facebook and Instagram, and the results were amazing.

We’d sold about 1,480 products, built an email list of over 19,300 passionate women, built our social media following to over 11,000 women and overall generated over N8.7m in sales.

I remember how many times we aimed for million-Naira weeks. For one of my most memorable ones, we missed it by just 2 days. We hit it after 9 days.

At N13,000 per order, 77 orders equaled N1,001,000 (of course it was payment on delivery so some orders later failed).

All I had to do to hit my goal was to increase the budget a bit.

Why is this one memorable?

Unfortunately, it was when we got very bad news that almost killed our business, but for divine intervention...

A major setback… 

...we got bad news from our suppliers in China when we wanted to restock same Nov. 2018; they were no longer manufacturing the soap. They claimed it wasn’t selling very well in their local market.

We kept hoping they’d start making it again…

February 2019, after almost 4 months of not selling anything, we decided it was time to move on…but we couldn’t just abandon the brand and its highly-engaged email subscribers.

So we decided to go organic and start making our own soaps locally.

Next level

I found a botanist and skincare expert to partner with, and we made our own African Black Soap.

I did a test-launch with our email list in March and the results were encouraging.

I relaunched the full campaign (ads and funnel) in April 2019.

I retained the same set-up with the previous soap – same assets (pages, funnel, ads, creatives, etc) – and the only thing I changed was the sales letter for the new soap.

A well-oiled sales machine!

Just as it is when you turn on tap water, I simply switched the ad campaign on, and sales started pouring in again, while we adjusted gradually in terms of price and added another line of product a few weeks later – a moisturizer.

Even though we were plagued with bad products ever since we stopped importing – we worked with four suppliers/experts without satisfaction – we’ve sold thousands of products more.

With the same blog post I created back in 2018 January, the same advert copy, the same advert image (which I turned into a video on FB), the same lead magnet, the same opt-in page, the same ad target audience, the same funnel, and the same sales page and upsell page structure…we sold several different products profitably for almost 3 years.


Our results stunned a lot of people – entrepreneurs, marketers, gurus, etc. – and it got me a lot of attention locally and internationally.

In 2018, for example, I was invited onstage at the Youth Entrepreneurs Conference (YECO), that held at Eko Hotel, to share my story with over 8,000 people.

The following year, at YECO Ibadan, I was a keynote speaker, alongside successful entrepreneurs and celebs like Hon. Akin Alabi of NairaBET, Jason Njoku of IrokoTV, Omojuwa, Ronald NzimoraToyin Omotosho of Expertnaire, and so on, with my face on billboards across the city.

I shared with the audience how I used the concept of the "perfect offer" to turn my funnel from a failed one to a successful one. The feedback was amazing!!

In 2021, I was invited as a speaker, to speak on how to use Facebook ads to build a huge list, at The Ultimate List Building Summit, an online event that featured 21 speakers from all over the world.

Business-wise, I’ve had the opportunity to work with high-ticket clients from different countries, paying me between $2,000 to $10,000 to either teach them this same sales system or build it for them.

A particular client in the US even signed off 30% of profits to me for as long as we work together…after depositing $5,000.

Bigger setback (Blessing in disguise!!) 

Unfortunately, towards the end of 2019, customers from our last batch of products complained that our soaps were liquefying (melting from gummy to liquid form). We got tired of working with Nigerian suppliers and decided to find the perfect product(s) by ourselves and probably make them in-house.

By this time, we had been able to use about $8,050 in ads (N2.9m) to generate over N17m in sales and our email list more than doubled (about 35k women had opted into our list).

More unfortunately, creating our own products cost us years of being out of business.

But with the help of a few great people from around the world, we did it!


January 1, 2022, we launched 3 new products: A bar soap, a body butter and a scrub. 

We used an email promo to launch – same email list we abandoned for over 2 years.

It didn’t do very well – got less than 50 orders – but I wasn’t surprised; we stopped nurturing the list for years.

Then it was time to start advertising again.

Even though I had other funnels, assets, strategies, etc planned for our business, it was just wise for me to relaunch with what worked for us in the past. The same funnel that had made us multiple millions of Naira.

However, a lot of changes had happened in those 2 years that we were out of business (2020 & 2021), most importantly 3 things:

1. The infamous iOS update that affected Facebook badly and messed up their advertising platform

2. The increased cost of advertising

3. The further fall of the Naira (made advertising even more expensive).

With these events (among others), I was apprehensive as to whether my system and unique funnel would work.

I launched anyways.

❗ Same website.

❗ Same audience.

❗ Same funnel.

❗ Same assets – I mean exact same blog post, ad copy, ad video, sales letter, lead magnet, etc. – only the products were different.

Yay or Nay?

After a few tests to find the perfect product bundle and pricing, even I was shocked to see that this funnel not only worked; it gave me even better results.

❌ The crazy new rules of Facebook and iOS didn’t affect it.
❌ The destabilized tracking and targeting system didn’t affect it.
❌ The audience problems Facebook is facing didn’t affect it.
✅ And of course, I remain untouched by the serial banning and deactivation of ad accounts by Facebook.

In fact, it broke all the rules and strategies that respected gurus had created and are teaching people after the iOS 14.5 update.

What is most interesting is that my ad costs are even better this year than they were two years ago when we last advertised.

I mean, we are even now paying less per customer at this period where other advertisers globally are getting frustrated.

Now we are getting each order at about $5.3 (3k) when in the past it sometimes went as high as over $9 per order.

That means, if we could generate sales at almost 5x our ad budget in the past, if not because Naira has fallen badly now, we'd 7x our return on ads investment.

My goal is to make us a million-dollar business by 2024. Yea, crazy goal, and I have no idea how it's going to happen. But one thing I know for sure is that with the numbers its already doing again, this funnel will play a BIG part in achieving this huge goal.

Seriously, if the fear of not making profits is the reason you stopped advertising or why you've not advertised yet, then you need to install this evergreen sales machine in your business fast!

How we work together?

Now…back to the question of how me and you can work together to achieving your business goals in 2022 (hope you have big ones!)…

I want to show a few people behind the scenes of this powerful evergreen sales funnel that has now made me over N17,000,000 with less than N4.2m in advertising costs.

I don’t usually do this, not even for my closest friends or clients that pay over $5k to work with me. I've only done this once before.

Perhaps you’ve gotten a better result than this, then fine, this is not for you.

But if you’re struggling to sell your products (or services) profitably, then this is for you.

I’ll be holding a workshop online on Saturday, 16th April, 2022, where I’ll teardown this weird but powerful sales funnel live.

You’ll see this sales funnel in action; I mean, I’ll show you every single step of this sales funnel.

And I won’t stop at that, I’ll show you the exact sales page (the real sales engine) hidden deep inside my funnel.

I’ll break every part of this sales page down for you, so you understand why it worked, and I’ll even give you a copy of it, so that you can swipe (model) it for your business. (You’d be wise to only *model* it and infuse your own uniqueness into it, and not just copy it.)

Next, apart from showing you this funnel, I’ll teach you how to apply it to your business and how you can scale it to reach 7 figures or more weekly (if you have the capacity and depending on what you sell) this 2022.

And at the end of the workshop, you get the chance to ask your marketing/sales/business questions and get answers live.

I’m excited about this already!

*A million-dollar funnel!*

I really didn’t know what I had, until I read in the new “Dotcom Secrets” book by Russell Brunson, the $100m/year ClickFunnels CEO, that if you have a sales funnel that simply breaks even (that is, you get back just what you invested in ads), then you have a million-dollar-a-year funnel.

And he showed proof of many millionaires in his community that aren’t even doubling their ad spend.


I was shocked. Here I was, with a sales funnel that 5x'd my ad spend consistently and was just dulling myself!!

Well, now that we are back on our feet in terms of products, I’ve started gunning for the crazy goals I set for 2022 & 2023.

So yes, you wouldn’t be wrong to call this a million-dollar funnel.

And if you want it, it’s yours for the taking... at a fee that can’t even be enough for a good dinner date.

Who is this workshop for?

Well, it’s definitely not for everybody.

And that’s not because I used it to get results with ecommerce. No. 

In fact, I later tested it on an old eBook I couldn’t sell successfully back in 2016.

And at the frontend alone, without any upsell, I was generating over 3x return on our ad spend.

Yes, with an eBook of about N4,500, I was making over 3x what I was spending on ads.

Here is a screenshot of one of the ads I tested for the eBook:

That's one ad that generated 57 leads and 10 sales with just $34...that is using N12,400 to make back N45,000. Almost 4x! (Plus 48 other people I can market to in the future, for free.)

That’s the power of this sales funnel!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a back-end offer, as I wasn’t serious with it but only testing.

Since then, I’ve used it to profitably promote other businesses like courses, schools, services, male sexual health, etc.

For example, I used a creative variation of this funnel to help a school in Ikorodu get about a hundred leads, and also doubled their JSS1 registration, from just one ad that ran for less than a month…with just N25,500.

A lot of things went wrong and they couldn't close enough leads, and yet five (5) students resumed with them. You can imagine the value of 5 new students to a private school, especially if they spend between 4 to 6 years. That’s millions of Naira in the long run. From a 25k ad. (Plus the contacts of over 90 parents who showed interest in their school -- qualified leads!)

So, yes, it works for almost every type of business…

But…this workshop will benefit you more and help grow your business faster with crazy profits if:

You are in a market or industry where there are a lot of ‘fakes’ (products, claims, testimonials, etc.) or disappointed customers - markets like skincare, weight loss, digital agency, etc.
Your ads get disapproved quickly and your ad accounts get banned.
You sell something that isn’t allowed on Facebook or IG, but you really want to advertise on these platforms.
You want to bypass FB’s policies for any other reason (for example, I use before-and-after photos on our sales page, even though FB doesn’t like it).
You sell something that requires that people trust you before they can buy.
You are looking for a way to beat down your ad costs – aka need cheaper ads.
You've not been advertising for your business, but you want to stop playing small and start using ads to acquire tons of customers and beat out the competition.
Your current funnel/sales process isn’t working (or converting profitably).
You keep having follows, likes, shares and comments but not enough purchases.
You don’t have a huge advertising budget but need to grow your business through ads.
You want to hide your product from competitors.
You are unable to convert your website visitors into buyers.

If you fall into any of these categories or you’re simply just curious about how it’s possible to generate crazy ROI from advertising your product/service with a sales funnel, then make sure you join this live workshop.

Here’s everything you’ll get if you join this workshop:

A live teardown/breakdown of my funnel that has made me over 17m with less than $9k in ads…from ads to presell content to opt-in page to sales letter to upsell page, and even the emails in-between…so you can easily build the same sales funnel for yourself (Valued at N150,000)
Templates for each stage of your own funnel: ads, blog post, opt-in page, sales letter, upsell page – same templates I've used to get massive sales for my businesses and clients, gathered over 9 years (Valued at N98,000)
How to scale to 7 figures or more per week – what I should’ve done to get even better results (apart from increasing my ad budget), which I’m incorporating for 2022 (Valued at N29,900)
[UNBELIEVABLE BONUS] Sales letter swipe: Show you the exact sales letter I used to make our first N9m profitably and break down why it worked and how you can apply it to your business (Valued at...actually priceless...but let's just say N75,000)
Video recording of the Workshop – yours to keep for life! (Valued at N75,000)
Live Q&A: Get all your questions answered live…and listen in on the answers to other people’s questions (Valued at PRICELESS!)
Closed Facebook group where you can share your funnel or assets and get feedback from other entrepreneurs and my team (INVALUABLE!)

TOTAL VALUE = N427,900

You’d agree with me that a business showing you their secret to generating millions of Naira in sales profitably is actually not something you can place a value on – it’s as good as the 17m+ it has made…especially when I’ll also show you my current plans for scaling it up.

But let's just agree that it's worth 428k.

Of course, I’m not going to charge you 428k or even anything near that for this Live Workshop, but even if I did, and the only thing it does for you is help you double or triple your profits this year, would it be worth it?

If it added an extra 5m to your bottom-line in 2022, would it be worth 428k?

If all you got was lay your hands on just one of my assets – like the sales letter or ad – that has turned $8k to N17m (not to talk of the entire funnel), would it be worth 428k?


The essence of doing this is to make as many Nigerians as possible benefit from it, so I didn’t intend for it to be a high-ticket workshop.

With everything happening in Nigeria right now, only a very few people can afford to spend that kind of money on learning.

So instead of the 75k I had on my mind, I decided to make this Workshop just N25,000!

YES, for just 25k, I’ll give you behind-the-scenes access to a million-generating funnel that still works like gangbusters whenever I put my ads on.

I’ll show you the funnel structure and how they are built, with examples of each step and asset…and for my sales letter, you’ll see the exact words of the exact letter that generated over N9m with just $4,500 in its first year.


…on second thought, to celebrate my birthday (April 12), if you register for this Workshop today you will be getting access at just N12,500 (50% off)!!

Click the "Get Access" button below now!

Once you click the button, you'll be taken to a secure order page powered by Paystack, and you'll have several payment options available...from card to transfer, USSD, etc.

Once payment is successful, you'll get a receipt from Paystack and also get the full details of the Workshop via email.

What others are saying...

The first time I did this workshop (Dec. 2019), it was $47, and it had attendees from 4 continents.

Here's what Shea from the USA had to say about the Workshop:

And Lala from Nigeria:

How Prabhath from Sri Lanka feels about what I shared in the Workshop:

What about other people who've tried my system?

Maya from the USA got more clicks and lowered her costs drastically:

Gold from Nigeria was finally able to advertise his health product peacefully without getting banned:

These are just a few out of many more results. But your own result, especially *increased sales and profits*, is what I want to get next. 

Let's make that possible together. Click the button below to join me on this once-in-a-lifetime Workshop and see how it changes your business and your life!

So, at this point you have two choices...

Choice #1 is to do nothing. If you don't take any action with the information you’ve gotten so far, what will you get? Nothing!

Or you can choose to take a leap of faith (choice #2). Just test it out to see if it will work for you. Well, there's an extremely high chance that this will work for you, because you're not coming to learn theories - you're coming to *see* what is currently working in other businesses... that you can create same for your own business and start making sales on autopilot, instead of waiting for sales to come to you or wasting so much time and efforts posting hustling on social media and sending annoying BCs for little to no sales.

Advertising is the ONLY way you can have the security that you will make sales every single day you wake up. <= Yea, read that again!

Unfortunately, advertising especially on FB & IG isn't as easy or as profitable as before for most businesses, yet they have the largest audiences.

Luckily for you, you have found a way to make it profitable for you...but that's if you allow someone who has been consistently getting good results (profitable sales) from advertising on these same platforms since 2018, despite the rapid changes over the years, to show you his timeless secrets.

Well, the choice is yours.

But if you choose to allow me to show you the way to limitless sales, profits, business growth and freedom, then allow me to reward you with this 75% discount. Hurry and register below before it expires!

You see... much as I’d love to have "abundance mindset" and reveal to you our sales secrets, whether you're my direct competitor or not (who does that, yea?), the truth is: it doesn’t matter to me if you sign up for this workshop right now or not.

This system already works for me and other people who I've revealed it to…and it will continue getting us massive sales and profits, whether you decide to join us or not.

However, because I've tested several funnels and sales systems, I can assure you that without my help, you'll ALWAYS be working harder in your business than you really need to. What then is the essence of owning a business if it's all struggles? It's better to just quit.

I know it sounds kind of harsh, but you'll agree that it's true.

Life doesn't have to be that hard. Click the button below to join us fast and get ready for a new beginning.

Can't wait to meet you very soon 🙂

Stay safe,

Oludami Yomi-Alliyu
Co-Founder & CMO, BeauCrest NG

PS: Are you also wondering like: "dude, why would anyone want to reveal their secret to making millions for such cheap price?"

Well, several reasons.

1. I'm crazy like that. Lol.
2. It's an opportunity to practice abundance mindset. You should too. Life is not hard 😉
3. This would force me to grow and develop myself, as I'd have to keep creating and testing new systems once other people start implementing this.
4. Forget skincare o, my true passion is teaching digital marketing and my calling is helping other business owners generate sales online and grow their business easily. Unfortunately, most Nigerians are struggling and really need help, yet can't afford to pay for some of the best knowledge and information. This is actually why I'm making it this cheap (I've NEVER priced any of my trainings this cheap!!). So whether you're a millionaire or a thousandnaire, it doesn't matter; take advantage of this special offer now.
5. Hopefully you'll fall in love with me and become a loyal fan -- and also buy my other more expensive trainings or even my multi-thousand-dollar services once this helps you to make more money.

Now you know my plenty reasons. Book your slot fast and save yourself a whopping N18,750 by clicking the button below NOW!

PPS: You don't understand what I've been talking about?


Imagine a sales system (or machine) that:

  • builds your influence (over half a million views, 1,900 blog comments, over 14k social media followers, media features, etc so far)
  • builds you a big email list (over 40k women so far)
  • sells your services or products (several thousands of products so far)
  • makes you huge profits (average 5x ROI)


...ALL with one *single* marketing/advertising budget!

It's like getting paid to build your business; it's so beautiful and gives you a sense of security as a business owner.

This secret system is what I want to reveal to you in this powerful Workshop. Whether you attend live or watch the recording, just make sure you don't miss what I'll reveal on April 16 (you'll get more details via email after registering)!

Click the button below to claim your seat now!

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