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Meanwhile, I'd like to show you how to use the items on it to create the strategy that indeed sells your products and services successfully via social media -- the checklist is useless without this!

And to do that, there's something I'd like to reveal to you…

Here’s How to Consistently and Profitably Make 7 Figures or More in Weekly Sales for Your Business

In the Next Few Minutes, You’ll Be Having Right in Your Hands the Exact Blueprint I Use to Immediately Make Millions Worth of Sales in ANY Business I Start. And It’s Automatic – You Set it Up Once and it Keeps Bringing You Tons of Fresh Customers/Clients for as Long as You Wish

Dear fellow entrepreneur, I would love to ask you a few questions…

  • Are you frustrated because you’re in business and you’ve done everything you can but still don’t get the number of customers or clients you desire?
  • Is your business on the brink of failing and you urgently need to start making sales more than ever before to save it?
  • Is your brand still very unknown while those that aren’t as good or as connected as you are remain permanently in the spotlight – and it kills you inside?
  • Is your lack of business growth beginning to make you feel insecure and uncertain about the future and already making you consider quitting business and go look for a job instead?
  • Are you confused and don’t even know the right way to market your business to attract enough buyers? Or are you just not satisfied with the results your current marketing tactics and strategies are getting?
  • Are you sick and tired of being broke and at the bottom of the “food chain” in your industry even with all the potentials you have?

If you answered Yes to ANY of these questions, then I perfectly understand how sad and depressed you might be feeling right now…I can feel your pain...because I was there too.

I know how frustrating and depressing it is to start a new business with your life savings and all the excitement in the world, believing your life is about to change… but after launching out, nobody even gives you any attention not to talk of patronizing you.

I know how annoying it is to try all the marketing and sales tactics you’ve learned over the years and still not get any good result for your business.

See…I’ve been in your shoes many times, so I know how sad you might be feeling right now.

But I have good news for you today…

Your situation is about to change!

I decided one day that I needed a change and worked towards it till my situation really changed.

So I’m promising you now: starting from today, your life too will change drastically, because in the next few minutes, you’ll own a system that will suddenly transform your business from a dry ground that enjoys no patronage to a fruitful business that can’t even handle the amount of sales it’s attracting on a daily and consistent basis.

Marketing will stop being your headache; sales will stop being a mere dream, and money will stop being your problem.

You are wondering why I’m so confident in making these promises, right?

Well, let me tell you my story…

I anxiously refreshed my CRM to see if there were new orders one evening late December 2017…

Waited patiently, for what seemed like forever, for the page to fully load.

Heart beating fast…and…

BOOM! It appeared right in front of my screen…

Zero new orders!


I felt defeated again… My career came flashing through my mind.

I was fed up. Ready to give up. But unfortunately, I couldn’t!


From the corner of my right eye, I could catch cartons of annoying Chinese soaps staring back at me.

Don’t get me wrong; the soaps themselves were amazing. What made them annoying at that moment was the fact that they refused to go.

I’d invested ALL my money into those soaps and the tools that were supposed to sell them off, but I couldn’t even get people to buy them.

You see, just about two months earlier, after years of offering my digital services, I decided to launch an ecommerce business in the skincare industry. I only needed something to supplement my income and give me steadier pay to support my new family.

Since I’d been doing online marketing for years, I didn’t think it’d be a big deal.

Except that it became worse than a big deal!

I launched with a sophisticated sales funnel, sizzling copy, and powerful ads…but sales weren’t pouring in as I expected dreamt.

I was shocked. My ego got bashed – a “certified digital marketer” that couldn’t sell soaps profitably (<= a friend actually teased me this exact way).

I was refreshing my CRM that fateful evening because I relaunched my campaign earlier that day for the umpteenth time in less than 2 months.

The Problem

I’d done everything I could to this point: tried different sales processes; edited, tweaked and even changed my sales copy; tested different ad variations, and every other thing any digital marketer would do.

Yet, none had given me the sales and profits that I desired.

As I was sitting there trying to figure out what to do, I had an idea. I’d just stop everything I was doing and go in search of a permanent solution – specifically, how to successfully sell anything online, no matter what it is!

The Journey

I started taking courses and other resources online created specifically for selling – not those touting the latest marketing tactics.

From my research, I started reworking my system in line with what I was learning, till I completely reworked my entire sales process.

If I failed this time around, I’d probably quit everything ‘internet’ and go get a job so my family doesn’t go hungry.

But guess what? This time it worked!


I relaunched the new campaign January 21 2018, a Sunday (I can never forget!)… and at first, orders started trickling in. Got three new orders by noon. And then it started to increase.

That day ended up giving us the highest number of orders we’d had since we launched in November. In fact, we got more orders than we used to get in a whole week.

By the end of that final relaunch week, we had gotten more orders than we did in the previous 2 months combined. In fact, by the 6th day (Jan. 27), we already crossed the N1m-in-orders line. Got 81 orders at N13,000 per order…with a budget of $120.

By November 2018, even though we only spent a total of about N1.6m on ads, we had sold over 1,450 products, made over N8.7m in sales, built an email list of over 19,000 active women and a combined social media following of over 11k.

In fact, there was a time I decided to test a campaign with the aim of generating N1m per week in sales. We spent $40 per day on ads and after 11 days, we ran out of stock and we ended the campaign.

My assistant later told me that we actually generated over 900k in sales in those 11 days (after some orders failed) with just $473 (N172,645). So it means all I had to do to hit 1m per week was increase my budget to $50 or $60 per day.

As you can see, total order was N1,183,000 (91 x 13k), but some orders failed and that's why we only got about 940k

We later stopped importing soaps from China and went on to partner with a few Nigerian skincare experts to produce and launch our own proprietary products: soap and moisturizer.

And now we are at the next level; we’ve cut ties with all our suppliers after they’ve failed us severally, and have started making our own better products in-house.

Overall, so far, we’ve been able to use about $8,050 in ads (N2.9m) to generate over N16m in sales and our email list has more than doubled (about 35k women have opted into our list).

More Proof

Just to prove that this system doesn’t only work for my skincare business, I tested it on an old eBook that I was unable to sell successfully some years back. And like magic, even though I didn’t have any good upsells (because it was just a test to validate my new strategy), we were making profits at the front end while advertising the eBook.

For example, one of my ads for the eBook got 10 sales (at N4,500 each) with just $34. That’s using N12,410 to generate N45,000 without any upsell.

This proved that my strategy was effective.

Since then, I’ve used it to generate sales for products and services in several niches.

For example, we were able to get hundreds of leads per month for a makeup studio. In fact, they got 37 leads the first day their ad went live:

We also were able to get Charismartin Schools about a hundred leads and doubled their JSS1 registration from just one ad that ran for less than a month…with just N25,500.

We were able to help Lufaga sell dozens of wristwatches per week.

My high-ticket coaching client in the US, Carlton, a car dealer, used less than $155 to get 25 leads and sold 3 cars – that’s over $50k in sales!

Even organically (without paid ads), I generated business worth over N9m in 6 months of launching my high-ticket services – a particular client in the US even signed off 30% of profits to me for as long as we work together…after depositing $5,000:

Should I go on?

These are just a few; there are more awesome results from restaurants, photography, other schools, digital products, several other physical products, etc.

One unexpected advantage this system has given me is that it doesn’t just generate sales; it helps you to grow your business in every way possible. Apart from getting sales, the system helps you to create more awareness for your brand, helps you to build your email list or generate leads, helps you to build your social media following, etc.

This system has changed my life; helped me become more financially free…now I don’t just have enough to cater for my family and live in nicer neighborhoods; I’m also able to save, invest and even take vacations!


Due to my experience over the last 3+ years, and my sincere belief that every entrepreneur deserves to thrive (I left a promising law career, and a father who is a SAN, just to become an entrepreneur in 2015, so I know how tough it can be!), I’ve made it my mission to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to grow their business.

And the best way I’ve found to grow any business is through generating PROFITS – not investor money or going public! But hard-earned profits from generating sales.

This is why I created The Social Selling System. This is a system that can help ANYONE successfully sell ANYTHING via social media (based on some of the elements of my powerful Septuplar Sales System – more about that later.)

It took me years of failing, succeeding, helping other entrepreneurs, learning from masters in the game and studying several successful brands to come up with this system. But it was totally worth it because now you can use it to generate massive sales for your own business too, without going through the same pain I did or spending what I did to create this system!

I’ve made The Social Selling System into a simple BLUEPRINT that you can use to generate sales at a profit for any business via social media, even if you’re spending money on ads.

Now, what used to take me months to make a business profitable, I can easily do it in less than a week!

You Too Can Put in Place for Your Business a System That Will Automatically Generate as Many Customers or Clients as You Want…and Start Living Your Dream Life…No Matter What Business You Do!

See…I don’t care how bad your condition is now; whether your business is almost dead or you’re just starting, or you’re even making few sales…you can also experience the radical transformation I and my clients and students have experienced.

The Social Selling System promises to cut through all the noise and many wrong information we are already used to online and truly give you an unparalleled skill that will:

  • Guarantee consistent leads and customers for your business (aka constant money!) – no matter the condition of the economy…so that you can start living the kind of life you desire…
  • Help you reduce your marketing costs, while increasing profits…so that your business can grow very fast and you can crush your competition…
  • Help you build a loyal, strong and huge social audience and following that will love you and be more than happy to pay you money for WHATEVER you offer…
  • Help you convert followers to leads and subscribers on your mailing list, so that you can market to them WHENEVER you feel like…and make even more money without spending a dime…
  • Give your business website tons of traffic and some SEO (search engine optimization) advantage via the social web…so that you practically become the Number 1 choice for your customers in your industry…
  • Definitely boost your business’ return on investment (ROI), aka profits…so that you can achieve your goal of financial freedom, time freedom, etc.
  • Help you create strong brand awareness…so that you become the first name that comes to your customer’s head when they want to buy…
  • Also help you gain the ability to launch new products successfully, leveraging on your follower/subscriber/customer/client-base that will definitely become huge with speed…you won’t have to start from scratch every single time you have a new product…

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what other people who are just like you are saying after they tried the Social Selling System:

I attended the Social Selling Seminar organized by Oludami, and in the same week I made more than 5 times the fee for the seminar, by "testing" just ONE of the social selling concepts I learnt on a small WhatsApp group (less than 30 people).

I'm so excited. Thanks for giving me this power sir!

Otabun Jesu-zele Otabun Jesu-zele
Self-employed (Network Marketing)

Wow, the Social Selling System is great.

Learning it has improved my business both online and offline. With the lessons learnt, I have been able to increase my income by about 30%.

Thanks Oludami!

Keme Abraham Keme Abraham
CEO, ChampionsTeam

The first time I taught this system was in a seminar I held in Lagos in 2016, featuring other speakers like Otunba Akin Alabi of NairaBET; Jason Njoku of IrokoTV; Craze Clown (Dr. Craze) the famous Instagram comedian; Ronald Nzimora and Toyin Omotosho of Profit Marketing Systems; and Tunde Ajetomobi of AdQuet.

After the 2-day seminar, the lives of attendees never remained the same again!

Five years later, and after several successes, what they got is nothing compared to the knowledge and skills you’ll be acquiring when you get the Social Selling System today.

Are you ready to lay your hands on this powerful system?




Cool. Then allow me to quickly go over a very special package I created to help you implement the Social Selling System for your business, so that you can start generating sales and profits immediately.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. If you grab my special offer right away, you’ll get instant access to my blueprint called The Art of Social Selling Valued at N14,900

To ensure you lay your hands on the Social Selling System Blueprint at a very affordable price, I decided to put it in a guide called The Art of Social Selling.

When you own this guide, you’ll have a step-by-step blueprint you can follow to start selling ANYTHING you want, whenever and however you like, and automatically grow ANY business, using social media and the internet in general.

In this guide, I outlined the exact steps I’ve used to generate over N16m worth of sales without spending up to N3m on marketing.

Let me even quickly run you through some of the things you'll find within the 166 pages (and over 40 images and screenshots) of this guide:

  • What exactly social selling is – and common misconceptions (Pg. 14)
  • Why most sales or marketing systems and strategies fail, including yours (Pg. 51)
  • How to make sure your social selling strategy/campaign fulfills all your business goals (this is very important) (Pg. 30)
  • How to use words that will make sure people buy from you (you'll even get templates you can use anytime -- from social media updates to ads, to blog post, to your sales even email...I provided in the guide a template for everything!) (Pg. 126)
  • How to know if your social selling strategy is even working at all (Pg. 39)
  • All the tools and tech you need to successfully sell online (no more guessing or missing!) (Pg. 60)
  • All the activities you must be doing on your social media to win big (you'll see why most of us fail at social media marketing) (Pg. 20)
  • How to know which platform your business will really succeed on (another BIG reason people fail online!) (Pg. 94)
  • The ONLY 5 ways to successfully sell anything online (know these 5 and you'll NEVER lack again in your life) (Pg. 72)
  • The Social Selling System practicalized and demonstrated on Facebook – including step-by-step of how to advertise on Facebook – with screenshots all the way (I added that for you just in case you're a beginner) (Pg. 99)
  • The exact steps I followed to move from Zero orders to over N1.1m in orders within 1 week (Pg. 138)
  • The BIGGEST MONEY MAKER in the whole of the social selling system (you're so lucky...people who bought this guide earlier or attended the seminar never learnt this!) (Pg. 143)

Phewww...after writing this out...even I marvel at the value packed into this guide. (I remember a past buyer sent me a picture of how he printed and "binded" the whole guide for easy reference. If I were you, that's what I'd do too!)

What I’ve put into this guide for you is years of experience and millions of Naira in testing several marketing/sales strategies; you want to get it immediately – it might end up being the best decision you’ll ever make in your life. And your future self will be forever grateful when it becomes easy for you to enter into ANY market and just start making massive sales almost immediately.

When you grab my Special Offer today, you’re going to get instant access to the guide, The Art of Social Selling, which is valued at N15,000.

I knew little to nothing on the subject of digital marketing until I met Oludami.

His training still remains the best newbie-friendly material I’ve come across…to the extent that I was already recording reasonable results before the end of his very practical session.

I’ll always recommend his expertise to anybody that wants greater results in their business.

– Tubosun Olutunde, Karaoke Jockey,

2. Next, when you take my Special Offer today, you’ll get instant access to the Social Selling Video Pack Valued at N24,900

Remember the seminar I said I held on social selling? Yea, I’ll give you instant access to the videos of the seminar as part of my Special Offer for you today.

This video pack will let you see The Social Selling System in action.

The seminar featured powerful Nigerian business owners, marketers and influencers like:

  • Otunba Akin Alabi of NairaBET(our host who shared some deep beyond-marketing lessons from his wealth of experience as the pioneer of sports betting in Nigeria),
  • Jason Njoku of IrokoTV (who gave some insights from his successful building of Africa’s first on-demand TV, IrokoTV...and from his several investments in African startups),
  • Ronald Nzimora of Profit Marketing Systems Ltd. (who dealt with copywriting and then gave some time-tested marketing tips),
  • Tunde Ajetomobi of AdQuet (handled Twitter like the pro he is – best teaching I’ve ever seen on Twitter till date!),
  • Instagram celebrity comedian Craze Clown, aka Dr. Craze (who shared how to grow your brand with – and on – social media),
  • Toyin Omotosho (who also gave us timeless marketing tips and principles), and…
  • My humble self, Oludami Yomi-Alliyu (who taught how to use social media to sell ANYTHING. In fact, my teaching at the seminar is the foundation of the guide: The Art of Social Selling).

See ehn…this seminar was jam-packed full of value.

The value in the videos alone is worth more than 10 times what you paid for the entire package. Absolutely priceless!

Even if you never open the guide, these videos are must-haves (I'm wondering why anyone wouldn't want to open such life-changing blueprint tho)!

But that’s not all…

3. As part of the Special Offer, you’ll get the invaluable Case Study: How I Grew BeauCrest from 0 to over N16m with less than N3m in Ads Valued at N15,500

In The Art of Social Selling, you’ll learn how we made our first million in sales, but I’ll also give you a quick video case study of how we went from there to doing far over N16m without even spending up to N3m.

You’ll learn about our goals, the problems we faced from time to time, how we are able to solve them, etc. You’ll be able to learn from all our marketing and entrepreneurship mistakes and avoid them all to make your own success easier.

This is one case study you want to have in your arsenal of entrepreneurship resources. And once you grab my special offer today, you automatically get it.

4. SURPRISE! — Valued at N14,900

Other than these almost-unbelievable resources in the package, I'll add some pleasant surprise bonuses that'll definitely help you and other owners of the Social Selling System further in growing your business.

It's just a way to appreciate you as an action-taker -- my students and regular customers would probably already know me for this. I try to over-deliver on my promises!

So there you have it; 4 great resources you get when you grab my Special Offer today.

Let me run you through it again; here’s everything you get when you grab this Special Offer very fast:

  1. The Art of Social Selling: How to Successfully Use Social Media to Sell Your Products and Services Valued at N14,900
  2. The Social Selling Video Pack Valued at N24,900
  3. Video Case Study: How I Grew BeauCrest from Zero to over N16m with less than N3m in Ads Valued at N15,500
  4. 4. SURPRISE! — Valued at N14,900


Now let me ask you: IF all this Special Offer did was give you a simple blueprint you can follow to sell ANYTHING online, would it be worth N70,200?

If all it did was add an extra 7 figures to your monthly income, would it be worth N70,200?


I’m not going to charge you the N70,200 that this is worth.

I’m not even going to charge you the N25,000 seminar attendees paid.

Because I want to see more Nigerian entrepreneurs succeed in their business, I decided to price this package at just N15,000…

…BUT because you’re here today, I’m going to give you access to the Social Selling System Bundle at a very special and unbelievable price of just N4,500.

But as soon as I hit a particular number of orders, I’ll double the price. (I sold just the guide alone at N9,000 in the past anyway.)

So click the button below to grab the Social Selling System fast and start making massive sales on autopilot!

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I attended the SOCIAL SEMINAR organized by Oludami Yomi-Alliyu, in conjunction with Akin Alabi and Ronald Nzimora [2016]. It was the turning point for my Internet Marketing Career.

Before then, I had basic knowledge about online selling and marketing. I had a few products I was trying hard to sell, but after nearly 6 months and $500 wasted on Facebook Ads, I had made only $6.99 and N5,000 in sales from the two products I was marketing at that time.

I got a mail from my now Super Mentor – Otunba Akin Alabi, informing of the coming Seminar. At first I was reluctant when I saw the whopping price of N25,000 but then I knew that the Internet was the next gold.

I quickly paid the money and booked a flight to Lagos for the seminar. We attended this powerful two-day seminar and I must say it was the beginning of great things in my life. In that seminar, my eyes were opened to so many mistakes I had been making and even more strategies I never knew existed.

I jotted down nearly 6 pages full of notes, went home, read and re-read everything I got there. Exactly 2 months and 2 weeks after the seminar, I made my first $2,000. It was a mind-blowing experience for me!

What you will learn from Oludami would turn your Life and Business around!

Femi Toyinbo
CEO, Rich Social Inc.

For any inquiries, please contact 08080808116 (WhatsApp preferable).

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90 Days Money-Back Guarantee!

You stand no risk of losing your money when you buy this book.

I’ll give you as long as 90 days to try the system out. Learn the strategy, apply everything you learn to your business, and if it doesn’t work for you, simply ask for a refund.

You’ll get every bit of your money back and you’ll still keep the material. That’s how confident I am in the system!

You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!


But you must act now because the price can go up at any time without warning.

Just imagine what life will be like after you start generating profitable sales on demand with this system.

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Click Here Now to Grab Your Own Copy of the Social Selling System

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For any inquiries, please contact 08080808116 (WhatsApp preferable).

Would you like me to share your own success story soon?

You see, it doesn’t really matter to me if you sign up right now or not.

I and my clients and students will still be going about our daily business and generating tons of sales profitably via social media.

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The choice is really yours.

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See you on the inside,

Oludami Yomi-Alliyu,
Online Sales Specialist.

PS: Remember, when you get started today, you will get:

  1. The Art of Social Selling: How to Successfully Use Social Media to Sell Your Products and Services Valued at N14,900
  2. The Social Selling Video Pack Valued at N24,900
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  4. SURPRISE! — Valued at N14,900

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Prefer to Pay or Transfer to a Bank Account?

Then here are the details below:

Acc. Name: Renegade Ventures

Bank: UBA

Acc. Number: 2105685300

After the payment of N4,500, kindly send your payment details to 08080808116, and you’ll receive a link to grab your Social Selling System Package as soon as your payment is confirmed.