Attention, Business Owners

How to Consistently Generate Sales Online and Grow Your Business Profitably, Without Wasting Your Time or Money

Install these 7 pillars into ANY business and it'll start generating sales profitably almost immediately!

Dear smart business owner,

I know you’re driven and goal oriented. You value growth and desire freedom, and would do anything to achieve both.

You’ve already done a great job of creating value to help and impact more people, and indeed a lot of people have told you how your product/service/message has changed their lives…and they are grateful.

Now your desire is to reach even more people with your solution and your message, so that you can make even more impact on a larger scale.

If this is you, and you’re teachable and have the right mindset that all things are possible, then I’d love to help you.

I’ll love to join you on this journey and help you reach more people than you otherwise wouldn’t reach.

I want to help you grow your business/brand so that you can not only impact more people but also acquire your own freedom to spend more time with the people you love, doing the things you love.

Just like you...

I’m like you – with a great product that changes lives, and now, after so much failure, I now know exactly how to reach the people I’m called to serve, at a larger scale.

So I know how frustrating it feels to want to grow and get my story and message to the world, but being held back by some unseen forces in the market.

My goal is to help you grow your business through the best way possible; consistently making sales at a profit.

Any business that can achieve that simply becomes unstoppable. You’d have the confidence to grow as big as possible and reach the people you want to serve, knowing you’re not losing any money but are actually profiting.

The Perfect Sales System...

I have created a system that helps you achieve just that, and I’d like to share it with you. It’s called the Septuplar Sales System. The concept posits that your business has to be built on the 7 Pillars of Persuasion and Profit Maximization for it to grow profitably.

They are actually 1 foundational pillar (that carries other pillars), 2 pillars of persuasion and 4 pillars of growth!

This is the exact framework I use to help businesses grow -- by helping them get tons and tons of sales while also making profits. This is why I can confidently spend money advertising the business and generate at least a 4x return on ad spend.

You should ensure ALL 7 pillars are installed in your business, too, if you really want to grow profitably and acquire the freedom you desire and deserve as an entrepreneur.

Let’s discuss these 7 pillars below:

The 7 Pillars of Persuasion and Profit Maximization

1. Audience.

The first pillar in the Septuplar Sales System is your Audience.

Without your audience, your business basically doesn’t exist. One of the biggest reasons most businesses fail is that they either don’t know their audience at all or they don’t know them enough.

You need to first identify your ideal audience and then get to know them even more than they know themselves. Once you do, business becomes easy for you; you’ll know what they want, where they hang out and how best to communicate with them.

2. Offer

The second pillar is your Offer.

Once you know what your audience wants or desires, you simply use that knowledge to create for them an offer they can’t resist. This goes beyond just your product or service.

3. Messaging

This is the third pillar.

Once you have what your audience wants, it’s time to communicate it to them the best way possible. You need to tell it to them how they want to hear it…in the words they use.

Once you have these 3 foundations in place, you already have a successful business, trust me. But to maximize profit and grow your business exponentially, you need to add the 4 supporting pillars. This is where you move into platforms and tactics.

4. Funnel

Instead of just taking your product or service to your audience as is, it’s best to present your offers in a Funnel. And that’s the 4th pillar. This will enable you to layer offer upon offer and help you take your audience from total stranger to repeat buyer.

5. Copy

Once your funnel is ready with great offers, you need to use persuasive Copy at every stage of your funnel to increase your chances of getting the sale. All you have to do is wrap your messaging around proven sales tactics.

6. Traffic

Now you have a solid business with solid offers; it’s time to present it to our audience so that they start buying. You do that by getting Traffic, the 6th pillar in the Septuplar Sales System. Since we already know where our audience hangs out (from the first pillar), we simply go meet them there with our enticing offer and a persuasive message.

7. Optimization 

Once you’ve launched your funnel with quality traffic, we simply wait to get results, and then we simply Optimize whatever results we get. This is the final and 7th pillar of the Septuplar Sales System. If the launch fails, we simply tweak the campaign based on raw data and then relaunch it. If it succeeds, we still find ways to improve it to get even better results.

This is the entire framework of the Septuplar Sales System.

It’s indeed a simple system, but don’t be fooled by the simplicity; it’s not just about knowing what each pillar is…it’s more about knowing exactly what to do at each stage, and how to optimize each pillar. It’s a system perfected over the years by a whole lot of trial and error!

Once these 7 pillars of profit maximization (aka business growth) that form the Septuplar Sales System are installed in your business, you become unstoppable and you’ll be on your way to growing a business that ultimately gives you freedom, impact and fulfillment!

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