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You’ll now be able to go beyond the surface and see the sales system (aka funnel) working to bring my business sales 247.

Let me ask you a question. Now that you have access to this workshop, many people ask me questions like how to get traffic (potential customers) to their funnel when they build it.

Have you wondered that too?

Well, that’s a very smart question.


Because it takes more than just structure to make a funnel work. What do I mean?

Remember that I actually launched our skincare funnel back in 2017 and it failed woefully over and over? Truth is, it’s still the same type and structure of funnel that later worked like crazy in 2018.

So how did the same funnel fail in 2017 then succeed in 2018.

Building your sales funnel is just ONE step in generating profitable sales online. There are SIX (6) other things you must put in place to generate sales profitably.

I’m talking about other pillars like offer, traffic, messaging, audience, copy and optimization.

Even if I give you all my business secrets, if you can’t install ALL 7 pillars of profit maximization into your business, then you’ll still struggle to grow your business profitably.

This offer is NOT for everyone! I’m only making it available to you because you proved that you’re an action-taker when you took advantage of the Workshop offer.

So I’m going to make you a special one-time offer that’s only available right here, right now.

What I’m going to share with you right now will help you remove all the guesswork from creating your own sales system, and will help you achieve success in a fraction of the time.

I have a program called The Perfect Sales System Masterclass.

I don’t have time to go over everything inside of this Masterclass because we could be here for hours, but the summary is that this 6-week Masterclass will help you make generating sales easier and profitable.

One day I got an assignment from my own coach – she asked me to write out the steps I’ll follow in taking a client from Point A where they are unable to generate profitable sales online to grow their business, to Point B where they are consistently generating a lot of sales and profits, so much that their business grows and they have more free time and extra money to do whatever they love doing.

I had to sit down to analyze my businesses (especially the steps I followed in taking BeauCrest from failure to success), some successful businesses I’ve consulted for and a few million-dollar businesses to do this assignment, and that was how I identified the 7 pillars of profit maximization.

From my experience, having ALL these 7 in place is what makes your sales system perfect. And it’s not just having them for having sake, but optimizing or enhancing each of these 7 pillars for maximum profits.

And since I started using them consciously and intentionally, I’ve had more successes than before, for myself and my clients.

I can bet that there’s NO business in which you’ll install all these pillars of profit maximization that won’t make sales, make profits and grow profitably. None!!

For example, my coaching client, Carlton, a car dealer in Sacramento, California, tested what I was teaching him and used less than $155 to get 25 leads and sold 3 cars – that’s over $50,000 in sales!

Also once ran a test for a simple fashion ecommerce sales funnel and used N18k to get 10 wristwatch orders (payment on delivery) at N15,500 each. Even if just 6 orders were successful, that would have been using 18k to generate N93,000 in sales.

Remove costs (product and ads) and you still have more than 50k profits!

In another example, we were able to get hundreds of leads per month for a makeup studio. In fact, they got 37 leads the first day their ad went live, with just $10. Even though most of the leads were unserious, the business still made profits!

And my system doesn't just work with ads; even organically (without paid ads), I generated business worth over N9m in 6 months of launching my high-ticket services.

It's a sales system that is already tested and proven in several niches, industries and types of businesses, despite the fact that not all niches are born equal.

It's complete. It's perfect. It's what you need to win in every market.

And now I want to hand over this key to the kingdom to you.

You’ll not just learn the 7 pillars but know exactly what to do to get the best results at each point.

I’ll give you all the training AND resources you need to:

ü  Identify and find your ideal customers (those who are ready and most likely to do business with you) wherever they hang out;

ü  Know them more than they know themselves and use that knowledge to create the perfect offer and give them exactly what they really want to buy;

ü  Know exactly what to say to attract them to come do business with you (they would be in awe of how much you know them and how on-point you are);

ü  Arrange your offers in the perfect sequence that turns complete strangers to repeat buyers;

ü  Turn your brand messages into powerful sales materials that will make people beg you to take their money;

ü  Use the messages you’ve created to present the perfect offer you created to your ideal customers at the different places you’ve identified so that they can come into your world and do business with you over and over again;

ü  Use the results you’ve gotten so far to optimize your sales system and make it better, based on raw data and not guesswork, so that you can keep getting even better results – more sales, bigger profits, more growth, greater freedom, etc.

Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have the ability to take these into ANY business and start generating sales profitably?

This is what this system will do for you.

So click the button below right now to add the Perfect Sales System Masterclass to your order and get access to that immediately (so that by the time you attend the Workshop, you’d understand why what is where)!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Remember how I told you that it’s impossible to apply this system correctly to any business and you won’t get massive sales and profits?

Well, I’m so confident in this claim that I’m willing to bet on it.

If you follow everything I teach you in the Masterclass and use all the tools and resources I’m giving you, and your sales and profits don’t improve, then simply ask for a refund and I’ll give you your money back without hassles.

So, test-drive this and see if it will work for you; you have nothing to lose.

Even if it only does just 10% of what I’ve claimed today, it will pay for itself even before the second week of the Masterclass.

The Masterclass Isn't All You Get

If you act now, you’ll not just get access to the 6-week Masterclass (worth $997/N578,900), you’ll also receive:

1.       The Perfect Sales System Workbook & Blueprint (worth N22,000) for FREE…

2.       Case Study: 4 Businesses Using The Perfect Sales System (worth N19,600for FREE… [including how I used organic marketing (0 kobo in ads) to generate over N9,000,000 worth of business over 6 months, all from foreign clients.]

3.       The Perfect Sales System Copy Templates & Scripts (worth N86,000) for FREE… [unlike the Workshop where I give you the templates to assets in my type of funnel, here I give you templates to all the assets you might need to create for several types of funnels – I’m talking of about 20 templates!]

See the list of templates below (took me 11 years to gather all these from the very best):

4.       Profitable Facebook & Instagram Advertising Mini Course (worth 25,000) for FREE… [Come learn my secrets to never getting banned and still making profits advertising on FB & IG – I’ve been advertising online since 2015 and not once have I been banned!]

5.       How to Use Facebook Advertising to Build a Huge List (worth N9,700) for FREE… [I’ll give you access to my session at the Ultimate List Building Summit 2021, where I shared my strategy to using FB ads to build a huge list and still make profits.]

That’s over 162k in FREE bonuses when you add the Perfect Sales System Masterclass to your order today.

If you were ordering for the Perfect Sales System Masterclass on my website, you’d get it for an already low price of $100 (N58,000). But right now, because you just invested in the Funnel Teardown Workshop, you have this ONE CHANCE to get it at the ridiculous price of only N9,500.

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If you’re still here trying to decide if this is right for you or not, here are a few videos and screenshots from others just like you who have now laid their hands on this unique sales system and are getting results with it. I want you to see for yourself what this system is capable of.

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