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Hi, my name is Oludami Yomi-Alliyu.

After years of inconsistent income, I decided to start a new business, an ecommerce brand in the skincare industry, hoping I’ll be able to grow my income exponentially and attain the freedom I desire as an entrepreneur.

I invested all my money into importing products from China, to resell to my local market.

I did everything by the books: got a website and logo, built funnels, set up all the necessary automations, wrote copy for my “money pages” and launched with a powerful Facebook advert.

Waited for the dough to roll in….

Nothing did. All I got was crickets…

Went back to the drawing board after almost two months of failure…learnt from various sources, then discovered the problem.

I fixed what I could, relaunched…and cartons of soaps that we couldn’t sell in 2 months all went away in 2 weeks…we sold them all!

I reviewed and documented the whole journey, and from it, formulated my proprietary system: the Septuplar Sales System!

Applied it to other businesses in several industries, and we got profitable sales. Used it for my clients, and some got even better results.

Now I’m on a mission to use this system to help driven entrepreneurs grow their business and attain freedom through consistently getting profitable sales.

I’ll be doing this, firstly, through sharing my experience and insights on this blog and my social media pages/profiles.

The best way to not miss any of this is to subscribe to this blog and also follow me on my personal social profiles: @Oludami on IG, @Oludami on Facebook and @TheOludami on Twitter.

Secondly, I’ll be teaching all I know and help as many driven entrepreneurs as possible grow their business profitably through various resources and trainings — some will be free, some will be paid. Just ensure you stick around so you don’t miss any.

And if you want to ever get in touch with me via email, please send to

I wish you all the best in your entrepreneurial endeavor.

See you around!

Oludami Yomi-Alliyu

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