Can I Help You Get More Sign-Ups From Organic Search?

If you’d like to gain more visibility in search engines for your tech company, and then turn all that search traffic into leads and sales, then this is the best web page you’d visit today!

Hi, I’m Oludami Yomi-Alliyu, and I’m a direct-response content marketing specialist.

Tech companies often create content targeted at prospects who are in buying mode and doing research, including comparing competitors, to help them make a purchase decision.

Most times, however, these pieces of content get lost beneath the sea of content already out there and end up having no impact whatsoever on the company’s bottom line.

One proven way to make your company visible in the search engines, even for highly competitive keywords, is to use skyscraper articles.

A skyscraper article is a type of long-form content that is designed to be comprehensive, in-depth, and highly informative.

The term “skyscraper” is used metaphorically to emphasize the towering height of the article in terms of both its quality and quantity of information.

I’ve been able to successfully rank my clients high for certain keywords, both at the top, middle and bottom of the sales funnel – awareness, consideration and conversion stages – using skyscraper articles. 

And here is the 6-step framework I follow:

  1. Analyze top search engine results for target keyword.
  2. Identify their strengths and weaknesses, and what makes them rank high, in terms of content.
  3. Make a skeleton outline of my own article based on the analysis, to incorporate their strengths and improve on their weaknesses and also to make sure all relevant points are included.
  4. Use skeleton outline to create my own *original* skyscraper article, while also ensuring it delivers on the searcher intent.
  5. Optimize the skyscraper article for search engines.
  6. For bottom-of-funnel content, also optimize it for conversion (leads, sales, etc.)

To help a tech company rank high for their competitor comparison, for example, I can create an article version of their comparison page.

It’s proven over and over again: a long-form comparison article will always outrank a typical comparison page.

It makes sense if you think about it: Search engines know that comparison pages aim to sell a product or service, but articles generally are used to give quality information – value for the reader.

A quick case study…

One company I’ve done this for over and over again, and have gotten great results for, is SweetProcess.

SweetProcess is a process management software organizations use to document and manage their policies, procedures and processes.

Among other things, it can also be used to manage tasks and create knowledge bases.

This gives us a whole lot of keywords and keyphrases to compete for.

No thanks to bigger competitors, review sites, big blogs, affiliate marketers, etc. however, it can be hard to rank high in the search engines for their most desirable and most important keywords/keyphrases (like “process management software”). But we’ve been able to rank high for a whole lot of other profitable keywords through tons of skyscraper articles.

In the past, we focused on keywords at the top of the funnel, like “how to write a policy”, just to create awareness for their policy creation and management platform, and then try to take the reader to the middle of the funnel (convert them into leads) by offering them something for free – like templates.

More recently, however, we’ve been focusing more on keywords at the bottom of the funnel – searches that show some buying intention – like “processkit alternatives,” for example, just to capture traffic looking for a better option to ProcessKit.

We then position ourselves as the ultimate and ideal alternative they are looking for.

And we’ve been enjoying a lot of search engine success with that. Not only are we ranking high for those keywords/phrases, the organic search traffic we get from them are having impact on the company’s bottom line, in the form of leads and sales.

For example, the SEMRush data below shows that for the week of May 31 – June 6, 2023, SweetProcess ranked in the top-10 results for 53 keywords…26 of which are in the top-3 results.

Some of the keywords I helped them rank for in the top-3 spots are:

  • processkit alternatives (#1)
  • how to write a policy (#2)
  • op central alternatives (#2)

A quick search for the keyphrase “processkit alternatives” shows SweetProcess at #1, enjoying the highly-coveted “featured snippets” spot, over giant, popular sites like G2, Capterra, Remote Tools and ProductHunt (as at when writing this).

In the SEMRush report, SweetProcess is seen also ranking high for competitive keywords other than competitor alternatives and comparisons.

A great example is ranking #3 for the keyphrase “bank policies and procedures” only behind LexisNexis and (featured snippet), out of 896,000,000 results.

This is what skyscraper articles can do for your organization, and needless to say, I’ve mastered the fine art of crafting this unique content type – including how to make it impact your organization’s bottom line.

Here are a few good skyscraper article samples:

  1. SharePoint Alternatives (not yet published)
  2. How to Write a Policy
  3. African Black Soap

As a writer, Oludami takes the time to understand my content marketing project requirements and he also offers his suggestions to improve each content we work on together.

He has also taking the time to get certifications in marketing and copy-writing so you know he is always learning how to improve his skill.

Most of all he is reliable and communicates quickly…I will continue working with him on other writing projects.

Owen McGab Enaohwo, CEO & Co-Founder of SweetProcess

Need a shortcut for more visibility and more leads?

If you really want your company to excel in the search result pages above the crazy competition of the B2B tech industry, then skyscraper articles are your weapons.

And if you want to translate all that search traffic into profits, these special articles should also be deployed at the bottom of your sales funnel – targeting relevant keywords that show intent to purchase.

As you most likely already know, I’m very happy to help your company create these Bottom of Funnel Skyscraper Articles to help you beat your competition and get more leads from organic search.

Apart from driving organic traffic, skyscraper articles serve as a powerful content marketing strategy to enable tech companies to demonstrate thought leadership, and engage their audience.

Publishing a skyscraper article for each of your target keywords will ultimately support your business growth in the long run.

If this service interests you and you’d like us to partner together in creating these giant resources for your company,  I’ll be happy to bring my seven years of skyscraper article experience into supplementing your marketing efforts.

I will help your organization to create the most authoritative and comprehensive resource available online for your target keywords, in order to drive more sign-ups and sales for your products and services organically.

Simply send me an email at and I’ll take it from there.

Talk soon,

Oludami Yomi-Alliyu
Direct-Response Content Marketer and Skyscraper Articles Specialist

PS: I can only handle a few skyscraper articles per month, so if you’d like my help in creating some for you, I’d suggest we get talking immediately so you don’t have to wait for months to get your articles ready.

Send me an email now. The address is


Q: What is the word count of your skyscraper articles?

A: Skyscraper articles are long-form content that usually fall between the 2,000 and 10,000-word range. What I’ve seen to work best is the 5,000-word range, and that’s what I keep my skyscraper articles at.

Q: How long does it take you to deliver your first draft?

A: Usually one week.

Q: How many revisions do you give?

A: Unlimited. I work with you till you’re happy with your skyscraper article – as long as this isn’t abused and the revision requests are reasonable.

Q: How much do you charge for creating skyscraper articles?

A: Usually between $0.25 to $0.50 per word, depending on a lot of factors, including bulk of work and consistency. The rate is capped at 5,000 words. That is, even if yoyur article is 10k words, you don’t pay for more than 5k words.

You’ve seen the process and what goes into creating a skyscraper article, and you’ve seen the impact it can have on your business. So you’d agree they are worth more than these prices.

Q: Is it just skyscraper articles writing services you offer?

A: No. Specializing in skyscrapers doesn’t exclude other types of content and copy. I offer web copywriting services generally. This includes blogs, web pages, sales copy, emails, case studies, whitepapers, newsletters, product pages, social media content, and so on. You can find my portfolio here:

If you’re interested in my skyscraper article writing service, or any other writing services, please send me an email to or use the form below to contact me.