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“Oludami, so based on your success with BeauCrest, if you want to take someone from Point A (where they are spending money on marketing/ads but not making any profits) to Point B (where they are at least 4x’ing their investment in advertising), what are the steps you’ll take them through?” my coach, Lola, asked me.

“Ermmm…I’ve not really given that a thought before now”, I replied.

“Do that now!”

And that’s how I was forced to think deeply and analyzed the major factors responsible for the success of my little ecommerce brand, BeauCrest.

I sat down, and at first attempt, I came up with about five steps. Then it became six… And ultimately, and finally, after a lot of researching other successful brands, it became seven steps, to include not just sales/profits but also growth.

These seven major factors are what have become The Septuplar Sales System.

What is that?

There are probably a hundred ways to grow a business, from getting VC funds to going public, but I believe the BEST way to grow any business is by consistently making sales profitably.

This is how to have more than enough to buy the freedom you desire in your life. When you can hire and delegate most parts of your business and you focus only on the parts you love. So that you can spend more time with your loved ones and on your hobbies.

When you can make decisions for your life, without caring about anyone’s approval…because you call your own shots.

That is the kind of life I desire. And I’m sure it’s the same reason you chose to be an entrepreneur. The surest way to achieve it is consistently getting sales profitably. When you can afford to acquire the most customers in your market and scale easily.

And this is what installing the Septuplar Sales System does for you.

So what exactly is this system and its “pillars”?

Okay, I’d be the first to confess that it’s a word I came up with.

Septuple means seven parts (just as double means 2 and quadruple means 4).

And I realized my framework didn’t consist of steps; they are pillars every business should be built upon.

So, basically, Septuplar means “seven pillars”.

Smart, yea? 😉

Therefore, the Septuplar Sales System consists of the 7 Pillars of Business Growth.

It posits that: to be able to grow your business profitably, it has to be built on these 7 pillars.

(They are actually one foundational pillar, two pillars of persuasion and four other supporting pillars that make growth and scale easy. But to keep things simple, let’s just call them 7 pillars.)

So what are these 7 pillars?

1. Audience

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This is the most important pillar of them all; without your ideal audience (or dream customers), your business basically doesn’t exist.

This is why “Audience” is a foundational pillar. The one on which other pillars stand to be able to carry your business.

When people complain about poor sales, their audience is the first thing I look at.

Once you know this person; their wants, needs, desires, etc., then you can create exactly what they want and they’ll reward you for that.

2. Offer

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This is one of the two pillars of persuasion (second is your message).

The mistake most people make is that when they have a great product or service, they just carry it as is into the market and expect to beat their competitors hands down.

If you want to quadruple your sales, you’ll need to package your product/service as an irresistible offer.

3. Message

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Once you have an offer that’ll change this person’s life, you need to know exactly how to communicate this solution to them. You need to use words they’ll be able to resonate with and that will make them wanting your offer.

Truth is; once you have these three above set up properly, you basically already have a business that can thrive on any platform. (These were the three major areas I made changes to that helped 5x our profits at BeauCrest.)

However, to get even better results and really grow to a level where you automate your business, you need the four supporting pillars:

4. Funnel

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Your funnel is the path you take your audience through, to convert them from strangers to repeat buyers.

An intentionally optimized funnel also helps to increase your profits drastically…as you keep layering value upon value (one solution upon another).

5. Copy

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This is your sales messages created out of your core business message (which you created earlier).

It’s basically to persuade your dream customer at each stage of your funnel, to move to the next stage.

My colleague at RenegadeCommerce, Ebibote Opetu, says the copy stage is “where you wrap your message around sales tactics”. Very apt (and profound)!

6. Traffic

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You need to go to where your ideal audience/dream customers are gathered/congregated, and get as many of them as possible to get your message and see your offers.

The more people you can get, the more profits you can make — and the faster and bigger your business can grow.

This is how important traffic is; this is the point where we officially “launch” everything we’ve created so far.

7. Optimization

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This is the final part of this system…and it’s the next step you’ll take, no matter what happens with your launch.

If your launch bombed, you have to find the problem and fix it, based on raw data, and then relaunch better.

If your launch succeeds, or even breaks even (which is still a great thing if you have a great follow-up system), you’ll keep looking for ways to improve your campaign and get even better results

Make sense?

There you have it; the almighty Septuplar Sales System. Now that I’ve run you through this system, does it make sense to you?

It’s very simple, yet profound; just take a look at some of the most successful businesses out there and you’ll see that each pillar is present in their business (some can only be seen from within though).

Whatever you do, ensure these pillars are present in your business and then sit back and watch it grow.

Usually, when I take on a new coaching client, we take six full weeks to create this system completely. This shows how important each step in this system is.


Each pillar in this system has its own methodology and its own sets of strategies and tactics.

Sometime in the future, I’ll dedicate entire articles to each of the pillars in this system, so you can understand them better and know how to implement them in your business.

Till then, keep winning!


PS: What do you think about this system I shared with you? Let’s talk more in the comments.

PPS: If you ever need help installing the Septuplar Sales System into your business, you can absolutely reach out to me on social media or via email —

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