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If you’ve read my story

…on how I got started on this journey to helping other entrepreneurs get the profitable sales needed to grow their business, you’ll remember an important part of how I turned my business failure around into success.

It wasn’t by some stroke of genius or divine inspiration.

I actually gave up on trying to get a solution from my “wealth” of knowledge.

I became humble and sought for help.

Most importantly, I tried to learn from those who’ve already taken the same path I was taking, with great success. I humbly allowed them to guide me.

I took courses, spoke with experienced people, read books, etc.

A unicorn!

But one guide stood out from every other person or thing I ran to.

He was the one that gave me the epiphany of why I wasn’t making sales, despite the powerful Facebook ads I created and the badass funnel I built.

I’d learnt a lot from him even before then and got good results — heck, he certified me as a professional digital marketer — so I already trusted him.

But this time around, it was beyond digital marketing or all its disciplines. He wasn’t teaching how to run ads or even how to create a digital strategy.

This time, he was talking about selling.

An ideal conversation!

For the first time I understood that selling isn’t supposed to be an event. So I can’t say something like “this is when to sell”. Or “I’ll sell her after she opts into my email.”

I learnt, instead, that selling is a conversation.

A conversation you already should start having with your prospect from their very first encounter with your brand.

Key is to give people what they ACTUALLY want…right from the beginning of your campaign or funnel…right from when you just met them as strangers…till they become customers and repeat buyers.

You have to actually guide them into getting the solution they desire. One step after another; one great offer after another; one small request, followed by a bigger one, till you ultimately fulfill their desire.

(HINT: Everybody wants the same thing, no matter what they buy. That thing is TRANSFORMATION. My guide told me that!)


And then I used this new lens to look at my campaign that had failed for over 2 months…and the reason it failed suddenly seemed obvious to me ????

So I sat back and asked myself: what does my dream customer want? And when I was sure what she wants, I edited my entire campaign/funnel, fulfilling her wants from the beginning (ads) to the end (upsell page and follow-up emails).

I (my brand) became irresistible to my prospect because I had perfect offers all over my campaign…and she couldn’t refuse them…and she kept taking them…and then she rewarded me…for knowing her so well that I actually delivered just what she wanted.

It was a process that required some brain power, but also a life-altering one.

A new me 😀

My life changed for good, as I never looked at business, marketing, advertisement and sales the same way again.

And for this I’m forever grateful to my guide…a worthy guide…Ryan Deiss of DigitalMarketer…for changing my life…and setting me on the journey to changing other people’s lives!

And you?

Now I’m wondering; why would you want to go your own journey alone? Why go through all the stress and learning curve involved in becoming successful…when there are worthy guides everywhere.

Heck, they don’t even need to know you before you can benefit from them. Get their books and courses…follow them on social media and consume their content.

If you can, hire them as a coach.

I might not be able to teach you how to run your business and fulfill on your orders…but if you need a coach to show you how to make as much profitable sales as possible to grow your business…then you can reach out to me on

I’ll be more than glad to walk this journey with you.

Cheers to what the future holds!


PS: Who is your worthy guide?

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