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When I decided to start publishing daily, one main purpose was so that other entrepreneurs can learn from my experience, especially in marketing, sales and business generally.

I however also decided that I wouldn’t just be talking about things I did in the past (successes and failures), but also share new things I’m trying or new projects I’m working on.

This way, you can really see the process in real time as I document the journey.

Well, this is going to be one of those posts that talks about what I’m currently up to…

But before I go ahead, I want to apologize for failing at my promise to publish every single day for 365 days non-stop, starting October 2020.

Unfortunately, 29th October 2020, I lost one of the people closest to me, and it simply turned my life upside down during that time. Life almost lost its meaning…like…is this what death looks like?

Gratefully, I was able to get back up gradually, through the support and comforting words of some friends and family.

Even though nobody can really get over the pangs of losing a loved one, things are getting better now.

I wish I didn’t have to stop publishing at some point, but hey, I couldn’t help it. In fact, publishing was the least thing on my mind at such point that most things didn’t matter anymore.

Now I want to renew my pledge to resume publishing.

What do you suggest: I extend the one-year publishing challenge by the number of days I missed, or I start afresh? Kindly let me know your thoughts in the comments.

So what have I been up to?

Let me take you back to a few months ago.

In the heart of the pandemic, I launched my coaching program, with the help of a good friend whom I hired as a coach. (Yea, a coach who coaches coaches!)

First, I called it FunnelFix…because the initial goal was to help those who launched a funnel but failed at it to fix their funnels, so that they can start getting better results.

But later, especially because a funnel is just one part of what it entails to succeed in business, I expanded my audience to cover entrepreneurs who already sell their products or services successfully, but aren’t satisfied with the profits they make…and of course desire to make more profits so that the business can grow to their desired level.

Great thing is, even right from when it was still FunnelFix, I started landing clients organically…especially from Facebook.

Trust me, building a mid to high-ticket coaching business isn’t the easiest thing to do; it takes a lot of work…especially when you’re just starting.

Being the direct-marketing guy at heart, organic felt too slow for me.

So I thought…instead of trying to bring my dream clients in at the price tag of $1,997 or the $3,497 it’ll become soon, why can’t I lower the entry barrier so I could accommodate and impact more people, while I still only work at the higher level with the best of my dream clients.

It made sense.

And there are several options.

But I desired to give even the people I’ll be serving at the lower level immense value and the feel of coaching.

So I decided to start a Challenge.

A Challenge?

That is, for 7 or 14 days (later settled for 14), I’ll work with people who match my dream clients, and also “challenge” them (make them show up daily, give them tasks, give feedbacks, make them accountable, etc.) to get them some tangible and valuable results for their business.

And then upgrade only the best Challengers to my coaching program (one-on-one or in a group setting).

In the next post, I’ll tell you everything about this Challenge. What I did, how I set it up, etc. And after that, I’ll share another post on the launch of this funnel and the results I got.

So you want to stay glued to this blog to get these behind-the-scene scoops.

Till then, remain awesome.

And cheers to breaking bounds and trying new things!


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