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I know the topic sounds sort of cliché.

But for real, there’s a proven shortcut to business success!

But before I go into that, let me do some quick bringing-us-on-the-same-page.

What does a “successful business” mean to me?

Personally, I believe a successful business is that which has a great offer and systems that generate a lot of profits that position the business for growth.

If you are not making enough sales in your business to become profitable so you can grow, then you don’t have a successful business, yet.


And I believe that the progression is: you have great products/services that you turn into great offers, which you use to create great funnels that are profitable enough to form a great business.

Product/service => Offers => Funnels => Business

Let’s reverse this for fun (and better understanding).

A great business has several great funnels; these great funnels have great offers in them; and what make these offers great are the awesome products and/or services they contain.

Now that you know what I think a successful business is and the things that make one up…

Let’s discuss each stage more

Well, since a business composes of several components, success has to be created from the bottom up, that is, you must first have a great product or service – something people are willing to buy.

Personally, I prefer working with people that already have validated products/services…something people already pay them for.

[I simply believe that creating an awesome product/service and validating same (getting initial sales) is the job of the business owner, not mine. Anyone that needs help with that can get a product creation expert or a business coach; I focus on sales, and that’s intentional.]

Next, after creating a great product/service, you should transform them into great offers.

If your prospects already want your product/service, then your offer, if done well, will be absolutely irresistible…and price wouldn’t matter.

To optimize your offers for sale and maximize profits, however, you need to key them into funnels.

Unlike websites or social media pages or blogs or wherever you do your selling, a funnel removes every possible distraction and focuses on just the goal you want to achieve.

More so, a great funnel allows you to lay offers upon offers and guides your prospect from one stage to another, till you’re able to serve them at the highest level possible – they get more value, you make more money. Win-win! (You see why I’m a sucker for funnels?!)

Once you have funnels that are converting well enough – yes, several, so you can be moving your prospect from one funnel into another – and are making back more money than you put into your business, then your business can grow without limits.

That’s how to be unstoppable.

So what is the shortest cut?

Now that you have each component of a successful business ready, the only way to experience actual success is to ensure each of them works.

  • You want to make sure people truly want your products/services and are willing to pay for them.
  • Then you want to make sure your offers are selling out like hot cake.
  • And finally, you want to make sure that your funnels are converting like crazy – profitably.

Once these goals are achieved, your business is bound to succeed.


So how do you ensure each component of your business is on point and hitting all goals?

It’s by going back to the most important person in your business, and asking for help. I mean, your audience.

Someone asked me tonight to check his ad and tell him if it’s great, and I told him the honest truth: only the market (your audience) can tell you if your ad is great or not.

How do I mean? It’s simple: if they are clicking on and engaging with your advert, then it’s good. If not, then it sucks.

But we get stuck and give ourselves unnecessary worries over whether our stuff would work or not.

Test. Test. Test.

So, basically, the shortest cut to business success is letting the market vote for every element/component of your business.

You do this by testing each element and component of your business. And the fastest way is to buy ads to send traffic to them — not asking your friends and family, but the exact people you intend to sell to.

For the parts that only need to be clicked, test to see if people would click them, and then optimize (tweak) accordingly. For opt-ins, see if people would opt in for real. If it’s a downloadable file, or any other free giveaway, test to see if anyone wants it

And ultimately, where payment is required, test to see if people vote with their wallets.


Where the test fails, change or tweak things, then retest to see if you’ll get a better result. And even where you get good results, continue to optimize for better results.

If you do this for every inch of your business, before you know it, you’ll have a perfect business…with perfect offers and perfect funnels.

That’s how to ultimately own a successful business.

Your GOAL!

Until you’re able to put unlimited funds into your business, with the assurance that the money would come back with some profits, you don’t have a business positioned for success and growth.

Until you’re able to put unlimited funds into your business, with the assurance that the money would come back with some profits, you don’t have a business positioned for success and growth.

Oludami Yomi-Alliyu

Remember Dan Kennedy’s saying? Ultimately, he who can spend the most money to acquire the most customer wins.

That’s the goal. That’s how to beat the competition. That’s how to become the biggest in your industry.

And that’s why I created the Septuplar Sales System; it conforms with this business growth principle and helps you to achieve the ultimate goal of outspending your competitors…no matter how big they are!

Get help!

I can help you implement this in six short weeks, holding you and guiding you through every step, one after another. At the end of those six weeks, you’ll have an entire sales process that is sure to make you tons of sales and profits.

You however also would’ve learnt how to build more funnels on your own, so you can maximize those profits and become truly unstoppable on your way to growing your business exponentially.

Simply send me a message ( so we can discuss to see if you’re a good fit for my program (I don’t admit every single person).

Talk soon,


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