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I wanted to be badass at sales.

And knowing that selling is all about fulfilling desires, I searched online for the “greatest human desires”.

As you can imagine how it is with Google, I saw 70million+ results.

A quick glance at the first page gave me diverse answers, from lists of 20 or 8 or 4 or 16 or 10 human desires, to researches showing the ultimate or greatest desires.

Well, I didn’t bother going too deep into those pages so I wouldn’t get more confused than before I typed into Google.

I wanted that one singular thing that I can really hammer on whenever I’m in a sales environment – that one thing that’ll skyrocket my closing rate.

Better research

So I had to ditch Google and do what I would usually do when looking for answers: go learn from those who’d give me real life, in-the-trenches answer. Those who actually do the stuff they teach; not mere researchers.

That’s what my favorite teachers Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson and Billy Gene all have in common. They teach from raw experience. And that’s exactly what I’m working to become too. (Sure you can tell from some of my posts ????)

From my research, I learnt that there indeed are lots of desires, but from the most successful doers, I learnt that, internally, there are three things people really want. And talking to your prospect in these lines would make you speak to them at a subconscious level…and give you a boost in your sales.

I told you in yesterday’s post that, one of the pointers that show that you can know your audience than they know themselves is that at the core of it, the deepest human desires are just a handful.

Well, they are three. The deepest. And I promised you yesterday that I’ll reveal them and analyze them today. Hence this post.

The 3 deepest desires

So what are these 3 deepest desires?

They are love, security and status.

However, personally, if I was to arrange them in descending order of how powerful these desires are, it would be:

  1. Status
  2. Love
  3. Security

It’s easy to want to front security as the biggest reason people do what they do, because it makes sense, but we aren’t that rational as humans. In fact, if I’m asked to delete one off the list, it’d be security.

Or combo?

Good thing however is, people do things for either one or a combination of two of these core desires – or even all of them together.

If you can stop rambling in your sales presentation when it comes to wants and desires, and focus on these deepest desires, you’ll begin to communicate with your audience at a deeper level.

See the example I gave yesterday; at the core of it, the man’s deepest desire was a combination of all three.

It was for his children = LOVE

He wanted them to have the best things in life and live well = SECURITY

He basically wanted to be a better dad than his own father = STATUS

Can you see how it works?

Go deep!

Yes, your prospect wants to make money. Yes, they want to lose weight. Yes, they want to have children of theirs. Yes, they want to repair their credit. Yes, they want to have a flawless skin… and so on.

But don’t be distracted by those; they are mostly a means to an end. You need to find the real reason behind their reasons. And when you do it so well, you end up at either or some combination of these three deepest desires.

They are only saying Yes to all those for either love, status or security.

How to dig deep?

How do you go beyond their surface reasons and dig out the truth behind their actions?

It’s by using the same underrated but powerful tool we used yesterday: “Why”!

You want to ask Why and keep asking Why several times till you find what this hidden gem is.

Vs. Markets

Think about the three core markets: health, wealth and relationship. Can you see them in these three deepest or core desires?

If that’s not enough proof that you shouldn’t joke with these deep desires, then I don’t know how else to convince you. (Except maybe to go watch the series Lucifer and listen to what people really desired.)

Let me quickly touch on each of these 3 deepest desires.


If you’re to run with just one deep desire, then choose status.

Am I saying “status” is the single most powerful desire? Yes!

Am I saying “status” is one of the major reasons people do what they do? Absolutely!

My experience proves that Status is #1 most powerful desire. It’s always at the peak of my benefits when writing copy. And it has gotten me more sales than any other desire or emotion.

See, we are a funny specie.

  • We are very competitive and we care so much about our social standing.
  • More so, we compare ourselves a lot with other people – or the society’s standards.
  • We care so much about what others think about us.
  • We also care so much about what we think about ourselves.

But if I’m to choose between the options of perception and reality, I’d always choose perception over reality. Most people would do anything to bend reality and make people perceive them a certain way.

It’s the reason we do most of the things we do: Status.

In fact, it takes a whole section in my Audience Intelligence worksheet. Promise your prospect his/her desired status (with proof) and watch them bring out their wallets.


We want to love and be loved.

We want to feel loved. We want to attract love. We also want to give it. We want to express love.

Anything someone does because of family is done out of love.

Most entrepreneurs want to make enough money so they can free up some time and spend it with the people they care about. Or be able to afford luxury for someone they love. Love is the biggest reason these embark on that journey.

Some parents quit their jobs just to be able to homeschool their kids. That’s love.

In another vein, some people do things just so they could attract love and stop being alone.

Some people also do benevolent acts, like charity, because of the love they want to give and share. (Personally, I’d tie this to status. Most people do good just to feel good about themselves or to qualify in the presence of their God as doing good deeds on earth. Some do it to show off. It’s all status!!)

Love is powerful, and it’s the number 2 reason most people do what they do.


We all want to feel safe, certain, assured, comfortable, etc., in every area of our lives: finances, relationship, spirituality, daily living, health, etc.

We don’t want to ever be anxious over anything.

We want to be sure we won’t lack money, now or in the future. We want to be sure our significant other loves us and has our back – and never makes us jealous. We want to be sure we are safe in the country or neighborhood we live in.

So, we do things, whether reasonable or unreasonable, just to feel secure or to actually be secure.

You definitely can always tie back to it in almost whatever you’re selling.

You might be wondering: “if it was this important, why would you declare it the least?”

And my answer would be: “we’ve seen people sacrifice their security for either or both of the other two deep desires.”

We’ve seen people throw away their fortune for love or just to impress other people. We’ve seen people throw away their health for relationships and for status (think drugs). We’ve seen people move to less safe places just to be with their loved ones.

Sure, people sacrifice the other two for security too. But think about it: which is more common? Remember we are emotional beings. Security, without love or status, is mostly logical than emotional!


Whatever you sell, whatever your business is, always think about your prospect in the light of these three truest human desires. Tie your offers back to them. Tie your product/service’s benefits back to them. Tie your promises back to them. And watch how you generate more sales.

Okay, let me try it.

Would you love to generate a lot of sales consistently and profitably so that you can grow your business, delegate stuff and free up more time to spend with your loved ones or on your hobbies? (LOVE)

Or would you like to outsell your competitors and become the leader in your industry, as far as market share is concerned? (STATUS)

Or…would you like to secure a better future for yourself and your loved ones from all the money you make doing what you love? (SECURITY, LOVE, LOVE)

BOOM!! Did you see what I did there?!!

Okay…on a more serious note…ain’t joking no mo’…

If you want any of these, then you need to install my proprietary sales system into your business ASAP. You can do this by signing up to my coaching program, where I hold you by the hand for good six weeks, using the proven 7 pillars of business growth to…well, grow your business.

Simply send me a DM so we can figure out, together, if you’re a good fit for the Septuplar Sales System Coaching Program!

Cheers to deep desires and sales,


PS: Now look at me. What do you really desire? Let me know in the comments 😀

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