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The first step to take after building your funnel is to test it.

That is, send initial traffic to it.

Just to see if it works or not.

Most especially, so that you can use raw data to determine areas for improvement — the parts that you need to work on.

The benefit of an initial test-launch is that you’re making your prospect help you build (I’d say “guide you in building”) your funnel/business — instead of waiting on the opinion of an “expert”, which can be very wrong sometimes.

Launch! ????

So…after building my Challenge funnel…I launched.

Yes, hopes high…

But I’ve matured in the online marketing space enough to still expect that things might not go 100% as planned.

The truth is that: MOST of the campaigns and funnels you’ll launch won’t work. Even the gurus don’t get it right out of the gate most times.

It was a big relief when I heard people like Ryan Deiss and Russell Brunson say *most* of their launches fail. (If by now you don’t know that these are the top 2 people I look up to in the online marketing space, then you’re definitely not following me ????)

In fact, it took the SIXTH freaking funnel launch for ClickFunnels to work. Six! They weren’t crazy to have given up before that sixth launch. I bet Russell would never in his life forget the person that asked him to offer ClickFunnels on stage as part of a $1k training offer. That was when they could finally sell it.

“Oludami, you’ve not even talked about your test result and you’re talking about failure as if you’re consoling yourself. Did your funnel launch fail?”


Errr…well, YES! ????

As much as it hurts, it’s no big deal to actually admit that the test failed.

But I got good news though. Which is…

*Ad*… not funnel! ????

I can’t confirm yet that the funnel is bad. Yes, I mean the funnel didn’t fail. At least not at this launch. It was the ad campaign that failed.

How do I mean?

People didn’t even get to see the amazing (I believe) funnel I built. The ad got only 4 clicks.

So it’s obvious I only have an ad problem, not a funnel or offer problem.

I’ll actually admit that the ad was done poorly…all in an effort to make it a “soft sell”.

A friend of mine, Lola, reviewed the ad and confirmed that even she wouldn’t click on the ad.

I went back again and was sincere to myself and felt: even me wouldn’t click the advert. It was too watery.

How TF?

So what happened?

With dozens of well-converting ads to my name, how did I mess this up?

Well, I didn’t intentionally mess it up.

I was targeting a totally new audience; one that I wasn’t familiar with — one I seldom advertised too. And at the last moment, I ditched the ad I was supposed to use and wrote what I thought was better. It obviously wasn’t any good.

And I must confess…it might have something to do with some limiting beliefs I’m yet to deal with. Fears I’m yet to conquer. This Challenge was supposed to help me conquer it, but I chickened out at last moment.

I still messed up anyways; these are in no way excuses…and I don’t need a pity party or some long self-help and mindset advice — close people in my circle already did that. And I’m dealing with it. I don’t mind some “I believe in you” or “you can do it” encouragement though ????

(It’s crazy how I allow myself to get so vulnerable in my blogs. It’s just to show I’m human, and I’m like you — not your typical “guru”. Failing, learning and growing are part of being human, and I have my share of it!)

So what steps did I take to fix this mess?

Well, you’d have to read my next post to find out.

One thing though: there’s no giving up nor turning back!!

Talk later,


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