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I’ve always used my skill in three major ways:

1. Offer it as a service to others

2. Teach others in form of digital products or seminars or on stage

3. Use it to build personal businesses (best thing ever!)

During the pandemic, however, I was introduced to a fourth way. And it simply stuck!

After venting about some frustration I had with some leads and clients, a friend reached out to me and advised that I go the coaching route, if I really wanted to work with more pleasant people.

But that’s story for another day.


The story I want to share with you today is an interesting one that got me sort of gobsmacked!

When I finally decided to give coaching a try, I announced to my small, old list and gave a deeply-discounted but very limited and strict offer. (You can’t work with everybody as a coach; you need to select carefully, as you’ll be serving them at a higher and more-personal level.)

I just needed someone to test my concepts with and have my first full long-term coaching experience.

I ended up choosing and working with a very promising dude. Let’s just call him B.

But I got shocked while getting to know him on our first call. I got even more shockers as we progressed in our new relationship.

What happened?

I discovered this guy was no newbie at all – especially as far as the right information is concerned.

He started online with eCommerce and had quite some success with Facebook ads, until the “hot product” he was selling got very popular and became a commodity. The product was so good that not only did other ecommerce and marketing guys jump on it, B started seeing this same product being sold in traffic.

As you can imagine, he stopped being profitable with ads, as the product became readily available everywhere.

And that killed his eCommerce dream.

He was almost rounding up at the university then, so he decided to put a pause on internet business and focus on his study.

He however started geeking out on every resource he could find on topics like digital marketing, online advertising, funnels, etc.

He did that so much that he now knows so much…so much that (I must confess) I felt threatened at a point. (Don’t blame me; the business he hired me to help him launch is same I put on hold during the pandemic, for the same niches I was going after. Took me a great deal of “abundance mentality” to still give and teach him my entire system – ALL my concepts!)

He was already familiar with some great concepts by some of my teachers that I adopted for my own system. In fact, our sessions became more of a reminder of many concepts than teaching.

He still got a lot of WOW moments and epiphanies and eye openers from my coaching (which I’m proud of, by the way), but he’d taken some of the same courses and certifications I’d taken; read some of my best business and marketing books; understood Facebook ads, etc. In fact, there is a bestselling ClickFunnels program that I was planning to take (to launch my coaching funnel…before I realized after joining that it was for newbies) that he’d already taken!

That was some unique client.


So, I wondered: how would someone know this much and not do anything with all that knowledge and experience. Spent thousands of dollars on learning without implementing?

For real, I feel that the reason he could hire me is because I learnt too, but I implemented. And failed severally. But didn’t give up…then started having success. If he had also tried to implement, he probably would never need to hire me.

Good thing is: we spent 6 good weeks together, working on an agency funnel to offer digital marketing services to spas. He now has a live, functional funnel, and the first stage of testing gave some fair results.

A common phenomenon

Truth is: my client, B’s case is not in isolation; it’s more common than you can ever think. I’ve met more people sitting on a lot of knowledge and doing nothing with it but only daydreaming.

It’s the reason courses and books don’t work. Majority of those who buy courses and books never get as far as implementing the ideas therein. So most people never get any results for their investment.

This is what makes coaching better.

Implementation + Accountability

The major benefit of hiring a coach is IMPLEMENTATION. The second is accountability.

These two come even before the knowledge itself.

A good coach doesn’t just teach you what to do, but helps with implementation and keeps you accountable to him/her.

The way my coaching program is structured, there are weekly tasks to force you to execute and implement on what you learnt.

There are also worksheets to make it easy on you. And there is a day in the week for me to see all you’ve done and give you feedback — before the next call: so, there’s NO WAY you wouldn’t implement.

You have my orders to implement (homework)…and you have me to be accountable to (review and feedback).

These are the two things that make coaching so golden and puts it in a bigger league than courses and even done-for-you services.

Need help with implementation?

So…if you’d like to see your business or campaign or funnel live, up and running and positioned for success within just six (6) weeks, then this may be what you need.

By week 4 you would have your funnel completely built out and ready to launch. By Week 5, you’d actually launch your new baby to the world and get some traffic to it. And by Week 6 we already know what works and what doesn’t, then we optimize and relaunch.

That’s how to get ahead in life fast.

If this interests you, send me an email, so we can discuss and see if you’re a good fit for the Septuplar Sales System Coaching Program for driven entrepreneurs that want to grow through consistent and profitable sales.

Just implement anyway!

Whatever you do, implement those ideas you’ve learnt/gotten/planned. Doesn’t matter whether you do it by yourself or you get the help of a coach. Just freaking implement!

If you want to go faster and make sure you indeed implement and succeed however, then ensure you get yourself a good coach.

Cheers to your business success,


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