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I was asked to review a sales letter (video and text) earlier today.

The problem? People were getting on the sales page after downloading a free report, but they were not converting and the business owner believes the issue is with her sales letter.

Truly, I was able to point out at least 17 areas of improvement 🙂

From afar, the copy looked great, but taking a closer look at it, there were some mostly not-so-obvious elements that actually repelled sales.

During our chat, the business owner became honest with me and made a statement that suddenly made the root of the problem clear to me.

She honestly believes the “in-your-face sales pressure” is not authentic to her, and she thinks that could be working against her.

Well, it simply made sense to me.

It’s funny how one tiny belief can affect your performance and results. Have you experienced it before?

Personal experience

It happened to me recently; I put my all into a project, but at the back of my mind I had some serious doubts. I just acted like they weren’t there and moved ahead with the project without dealing with the limited belief.

You can imagine what happened; it failed. And while reviewing the campaign with a friend, I saw an obvious, amateur goof I made in my ads, and I was no longer surprised the campaign didn’t work.

Sales is very psychological; if you have any reservations about sales and you are in a business where sales is important (aka every business), you might have problems with really making sales.

If you think ALL salesmen are scum and are sleazy, you’ll have problems selling too. Without you knowing it, your beliefs would reflect in your presentation, and your prospect would be repelled by something they wouldn’t be able to lay their finger on – even if they like your offer.

And unfortunately, if you really want to grow your business proactively and stop depending solely on referrals or word of mouth, you’d have to do some form of selling, whether it’s in person or on phone or online.

The Mindset Shift You Need

Now I want you to change your mindset and start seeing sales as a noble act, and a noble profession for those majoring in it.

See the act of selling as service. You’re helping people make a decision to solve their problems by buying from you. You’re exchanging value (your solution) for value (money).

And when you resort to sales tactics that will help you make even more sales, you’re simply helping even more people to discover your product or service, so that they can get their problems solved or their desires fulfilled.

A perfect analogy

When discussing sales with my team or a client, I always like to make an analogy that most people can relate to.

See selling (via sales calls or sales letters or presentations) as trying to give a child medication.

You know that the medicine is good for the child, but the child doesn’t want it and would cry and fight tooth and nail to not take the medicine.

But because you love the child and you know that the medicine is best for her, you have to make the child take the medicine, whether by cajoling or compelling or bribing or even forcing it down her throat.

Thinking of sales as helping people make the best decision or taking the best action for them, which they otherwise would have missed, will make you feel better about sales.

And the next time you feel somehow about sales, just remember that many of the great things you enjoy and that give you joy were sold to you by someone else.


The ethical line here is that you should know when to stop pushing when someone keeps saying NO.

And then you should NEVER sell to someone what you don’t think is good or useful for them.

Embrace sales

Embrace sales, as long as you’re in business; it’s the only way to grow. You’ll be solving problems for a lot of people, while making a lot of money in the process. What’s more fulfilling than that?!

And don’t just embrace sales; learn sales. Learn how to sell through whatever medium you’re comfortable with or that is necessary to grow your business, and never stop improving on your sales skills.

If you want to be unstoppable, learn how to sell across platforms.

Learn how to make great sales presentations; learn how to write winning sales copy; learn how to close one-on-one, either on phone or in person.

5th Pillar

Closing sales is the fifth pillar in my proprietary sales system; the Septuplar Sales System. I call this pillar “Copy” because firstly, that cuts across mediums, and secondly, because even when you’ll be closing on phone or on a webinar, you must first have your sales scripts written.

I help clients who think they can’t sell, by creating the script or copy necessary for their funnel (from ad copy to landing page copy and to sales letter or script), and then I teach them how to use it.

I’ve had businesses go from 0 to at least 5x’ing their return on ad spend (advertising budget) simply because they tweaked their sales copy and made it better.

Need help?

If you’re tired of having sales copy or script that is not converting and need help turning your business’ fortune around, I have 10 slots open this December for action takers who would like to start generating good profits (minimum of 4x ROAS) from their business.

I work one-on-one with you for six weeks on installing the Septuplar Sales System into your business, from identifying your audience to creating your offer and messaging, to creating scripts and copy for your funnel and launching with quality traffic, and then optimizing to get even better results.

There’s no way you’ll not consistently generate at least four times more than you invest in ads when your business starts running on this proven system.


This one-on-one coaching program will work for you if you already have a business you’re running, with validated offers (products/services people already buy) and you just need a way to boost your profits and thereby grow your business.

And then you must have the attitude of doing WHATEVER it takes to get the results you desire.

If this is you, send me an email on, and we’ll start a conversation to see if you’re a good fit.


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