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Have you ever placed an ad on Facebook only to get a lot of comments and likes, without making any sale?

I see people complaining about this all the time.

“People are always engaging with my ads, but nobody is buying.”

“My ad has been running for 3 days now and nobody has bought my product.”

On the other hand, I’ve heard some people say they hardly get good comments on their ads, but people just go straight to buy what they’re advertising.

This can be you, too.

And I’m sure you want that result too. Not just people showing interest in what you sell, but actually bringing out their wallets and buying.

You want to stop wasting money on ads without getting anything back.

You want to be able to place an ad and get back at least 4x your ad spend/investment.

You want to make more sales than you could possibly fulfill.

If you’re currently not getting results like these, it’s not because the platform is bad. It’s not because the algorithm is working against you.

It’s most likely NOT because nobody wants your product (heck, if someone has ever paid for it, then there are tens of thousands of others out there that would pay for it too!).

The real reason your advert is not working is because there’s a disconnect between your message and your audience.

You’re either saying the right things to the wrong people or are saying the wrong things to the right people.

I learnt this the hard way.

Learning curve…

I was once hired to promote a school and help them get parents to enroll their kids, it was my first time of getting an assignment like that and had no idea what to do.

We however kept trying different things (strategies and tactics), but unsurprisingly, yet disappointingly, the first three campaigns we launched failed woefully.

The fourth campaign however succeeded.


We got almost 90 leads for the school within 30 days.

And despite the fact that there were a lot of things working against the school (e.g., location and limited facilities), at least five (5) new students were traced back to that campaign.

(If you understand the value of just one student to a school, then you can imagine how beyond profitable this was for them…considering their cost was less than $100.)

Beyond that, their J.S.S.1 registration jumped by over 90%, compared to the previous year.

What we did?

All we did to make the campaign work was nail our message.

We did an in-depth research and discovered exactly what our prospect wants. We used this new information to develop our ad copy and this blew up the campaign – we didn’t even have to worry about audience targeting. Neither did we give any free offers.

You have to be intentional about ensuring there’s a connection between your audience and the message you put out there to attract them.


–  If your dream customer doesn’t get that you have something of value for them (message problem), then your ads won’t convert.

–  In the same way, if you communicate great value to someone that doesn’t need it (audience problem), your ads wouldn’t convert.

Here are 2 tips:

1. Where your offer is very niched and for a very specific group of people, find those people and advertise to them.

2. Where your offer is for a market that is broader, then use your message to “call out” your audience so that they can self-identify and go after your offer.

And mind you, I’m not saying you should:

❌ Create a dozen ad sets with about 100 targeting options

❌ Post your entire sales page as ads just to pass your message across to your audience.


All I’m suggesting you do is:

✅ Do some deep market research and get to know your audience so well, if possible, more than they know themselves. I call this Audience Intelligence.

✅ Create a great offer for them based on what you learnt that they want or desire… I call this Offer-Desire Matchmaking.

✅ Craft a persuasive message that articulates/communicates to your audience the value you bring to the marketplace and why the must get it NOW! I call this the Attractive Message or Attractive Messaging.

With these, you’ll have a campaign or funnel that doesn’t just get a lot of engagement, but also makes a lot of sales.

You stop dashing Facebook (or whatever platform) your hard-earned money, but turn such platform into a reliable tool you’ll always use to double, triple, or in my case, quintuple (5x) your investment.

Need help?

If you need help creating an advert that converts wildly and is very profitable, notwithstanding the platform you’re buying it from, then shoot me an email at

This is one of the things I’ll walk you through in the Septuplar Sales System One-on-One Coaching Program.

By the time we are done using Audience Intelligence to dig out every valuable information on your dream client/customer, and create an Irresistible Message, your ad creation (targeting and messaging) will become a walk in the park.

But I won’t leave you at that; I’ll give you the exact words you’ll use in your ads, no matter the format, proven to convert like crazy.

Kinda exclusive….

I however only work with driven entrepreneurs that already have a validated product or service (they’ve already made some sales as proof that people want what they sell). I only help to grow existing businesses – help them get better results (profitable sales and growth)…not help start a business from scratch. That’s your own job.

Send me an email or drop a comment below if you are at this level in your business and need help getting better results, and I’ll get back to you to determine if you’re a good fit for the program.


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