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If you’ve followed my story since I started publishing daily on this platform, you most likely already know how I started a business and couldn’t even make any profits for over two months.

You probably also already know that while I was searching for a solution, I found an old training by Ryan Deiss, and one major concept I picked out of it was “the Perfect Offer”.

And after applying the concept throughout my business – from beginning to end, I started getting good results and in the first year, I was able to generate sales more than 5x my investment in advertisement.

And finally, based on the success if my business, I went ahead to develop a system for growing any business through consistent and profitable sales – the Septuplar Sales System.

Now that we are all caught up, I want to do something different but special today.

I won’t be talking about my system, or about the lessons I’ve applied to my business and the ensuing results; today…I’ll be going into my old notes and share with you lessons from my jotting of the resource by Ryan Deiss that discusses the Perfect Offer concept. (Unfortunately, the mini-class has been taken offline.)

What is a perfect offer?

Generally, when a perfect offer is made, people BUY!

It’s firstly about giving people what they ACTUALLY want. But this mini-class made me understand that it’s more than just that. It’s a combination of several factors.

Ryan Deiss defines a perfect offer as: the right product, at the right price, presented to the right person, with the right messaging, at the exact right moment!

Your offer should go beyond your product or service. In fact, it should even go beyond the bonuses and discount. It encompasses your entire sales process.

If you can work on all these five areas to make them “right”, your prospect would say “shut up and take my money!”

In the order of importance, however, Ryan Deiss thinks the right messaging is the most important factor in the entire list. Personally, I believe it’s the “right person”. Like…hey, how do you even know what to say if you don’t even have the right person?!

But I understand the angle he’s coming from; when it’s time to present that offer, what you say and how you say it is very important. So it’s safe to say he assumed that you have the right product and you already have/know the right person.

In the entire list, the least important is the right price. Any price can be right if the product is great and it’s being offered to the right person with the right messaging.

The Right Messaging

To create the right messaging, you have to ask yourself: what can you say in as few words as possible that will make your prospect say “please take my money now”?

In answering this question, you must note that: the ONE BIG thing everyone is ALWAYS buying is TRANSFORMATION! And this is true, no matter what you sell.

Therefore, a great sales message simply articulates the shift (aka transformation) from the BEFORE state to the AFTER state.

So…what is your prospect’s “BEFORE” state – their current undesirable state?

And what is your prospect’s ideal “AFTER” state – the desirable state they want to be in?

Once you know these two, all you need to do in your messaging is to communicate exactly how your product or service transforms or shifts the prospect from that undesirable “Before” state to that desirable “After” state!

One last tip:

when you’re thinking about your prospect’s “Before” and “After” states, always go beyond what they have in both (e.g., you’ll go from weighing 220 lbs to weighing below 180 lbs!) and think also in terms of how they feel (you’ll go from always feeling weak and depressed to feeling excited and energetic) and their status (e.g., you’ll no longer be labelled fat, you’ll become the one others run to for weight-loss advice).

Of course, I can’t repeat the entire training here, but those are some of the parts I found most valuable and that had almost immediate impact in my business.

I hope with this post, you’re empowered to create your own perfect offer. It’s basically your product/service (+ bonuses + discounts + guarantees, etc) + the right messaging for the right person at the right price, and at the right time.

Having a perfect offer or a series of perfect offers for your business is truly the shortest cut to business success.

I’ve incorporated many of these concepts and tips as part of my proprietary system, The Septuplar Sales System.

While I leave the right product and right price to my clients (I don’t work with people that haven’t validated their product through actual sales), nailing the right person, right messaging and the right moment are part of what my coaching program entails.

If creating a perfect offer (or offers) for your business is something you’d need my personal help with, you can always reach out to me via email on and I’ll take it from there.

Wish you all the best on your entrepreneurial journey,


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